Worldview Analysis of Abortion Policy in America


Abortion is the process of terminating pregnancy performed by medical specialists through medicine or physical removal of the embryo. Abortion is a legal act in all the United States of America. The legalization of abortion in America has become a controversial political issue America. The controversial and technicality of abortion made some states restrict and tighten measures and conditions fulfilled before executing the abortion process (Kraft & Furlong 2014). Two states notably that imposed the restrictions are Louisiana and Texas.

Worldviews in Support of Abortion Policy

Worldviews contributed to forming the world’s abortion Laws by the Centre for Reproductive Rights for different countries. Some countries in the Eastern, North, and Central Asia and Global North have legalized abortion for socioeconomic reasons. Participants in legalization say that it is a woman’s right to have a safe abortion. They believe that a woman should enjoy the right to privacy that should not be intruding on by the government, the right to nondiscrimination, freedom from cruelness, and the benefit of enjoying scientific progress (Monsma, 2008). United Nations Committee on the Reduction of discrimination against the female gender established that the governments that denied a 13-year-old who had health complications the right to a safe abortion demonstrated discrimination against the female gender to the right of abortion to save lives.

The African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights compelled the governments to legalize abortion under specific conditions. European Court of Human Rights has had a different view of saying that it was not good to deny women the right to safe abortion. Still, it was the States’ responsibility to deliver safe abortion processes. Colombia legalized abortion based on protecting women’s sexual and reproductive rights (Kraft & Furlong 2014). Women should be allowed to do abortions for rape and incest cases and if the abortion saves the mother’s life.

It is the dream of the Center for Reproductive Rights for the governments to respect women’s human rights to make reproductive life decisions of either terminating the pregnancy or carrying it. Legalizing abortion alone is not enough; the governments should ensure that the facilities and experts are trained to carry out the abortion process (Anonimo, 2008). The governments should take the responsibility of saving women’s lives by having abortion facilities at their disposal whenever they feel like aborting or are threatened by the health condition to do abortion.

Worldviews against Abortion policy

Most countries in Africa, Southern and Middle Asia, and Latin America have strict abortion laws. The laws are enforced to help save women’s lives from unsafe abortions. It is not that abortion is abolished, but it is allowed only on the medical grounds where it has been established that the pregnancy threatens the carrier’s life. WHO also tightened the nuts of not allowing abortion to increase maternal mortality (Kraft & Furlong 2014). Some safe abortion may save the mother’s life but compromise with the mother’s future reproductivity, which may pose a consequence to the mother’s fertility and reduce the concerned country’s mortality rate.


Governments that have permitted abortion should be able to provide the requirements for safe abortions. They should own the responsibility of saving each woman’s life having the valid reason for doing abortion. The reasons for abortion should be kept private as the right dictates. Those countries that restrict abortion should consider educating women and teenage girls on preventing unwanted pregnancy by reducing the cases of those seeking abortion services that may not be available or available to only a few people who may manage to pay for it.


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