Who wrote all these papers on NerdyRoo?

Successful students from high schools and universities worldwide have kindly provided us with exemplary essays for free. Our learned friends are just as passionate about helping other students with their writing as we are.

Can I become a part of the database by donating my paper?

Yes! We accept original papers written by students. All you need to do is submit your work using a special form on our website. After that, our experts will review the paper, and if it meets our requirements, we’ll publish it.

Which study fields do the essays from your database cover?

Thousands of papers posted on our website cover almost all disciplines, including philosophy, art, literature, politics, history, business, etc. Check out our list of academic disciplines.

What if I need an essay sample on a particular topic? Can I request it?

Unfortunately, we don’t take requests. That said, we’re always expanding our database, so there’s a chance we’ve just posted the perfect paper on your topic. Be sure to check back regularly.

Are your essays free of charge?

Absolutely! Our online database is 100% free. Consider, however, that you can use these papers only for research purposes.

Do you guarantee the quality of your papers?

Yes. Each paper we approve goes through several verification stages by our experts, who ensure grammatical, stylistic, and factual accuracy.