Terms & Conditions

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The present policy regulates the use of this website; once you started using our platform, you unconditionally accept these terms and conditions. You may not use this website if its terms and conditions don’t match your views.

Only people over 18 years can use this website. You declare and affirm that you are at least 18 years old by utilizing this website and committing to current terms and conditions.

Website Use Permission

The intellectual property rights written on this website, as well as the resources operated on NerdyRoo.com, belong to NerdyRoo.com and/or its partners unless the opposite is stated. The intellectual property rights are protected by the current terms of the license.

You can freely read, print, and store any documents and materials from our website, but for personal use only. This is regulated by the limitations below and other rules stated in this policy.


– Don’t repost materials from this website, be it visual or written pieces of text or any other kind of data.

– Don’t trade, lease, or sub-rent any materials posted on the website.

– It is prohibited to demonstrate any data from this site openly.

– Don’t copy, rewrite, or utilize the website materials for any commercial goals differently.

– You can’t change any content published in the website database.

– It is prohibited to reshare the data from this website unless it is particularly meant to be redistributed.

– Don’t use iframes or screenscrapers to repost or copy any content from this website.

Those pieces of content that are open to being shared can only be exchanged inside your institution or company.

Appropriate ways of use

If there is any risk that your actions may hurt the website: discredit the accessibility of the content or do any other harm, you cannot use this website. Any illegal, forbidden, or harmful operations of the materials or those connected to any unlawful, forbidden, or harmful goals, are prohibited.

This website can’t be used to share, keep, broadcast, exchange, utilize, redistribute or spread any content accommodating (or connected to) any spyware, cyber virus, Trojan, worms, keystroke logger, rootkit, or other harmful computer software.

The only way to conduct an automatized data collection manipulations on the website, or those related to the website, is to receive written permission from NerdyRoo.com.

By automatized data collection manipulations, we mean:

  • Web-scraping
  • Data mining
  • Data extraction
  • Data harvesting
  • Iframing
  • Article spinning

None of NerdyRoo’s parts can be used to exchange or share irrelevant commercial communications.

The website is also not meant to be used for marketing goals unless there is a documented permission from NerdyRoo.com.

Limited access

Some ranges of NerdyRoo.com are not accessible. The company has the right to block access to some pages of the website or the whole website if required. NerdyRoo.com can revise the current policy without announcing.

If you’ve received from NerdyRoo.com a personal ID with the password, it is your responsibility to keep these details private. The ID is provided to give access to restricted domains of the website or related materials and services.

NerdyRoo.com keeps the right to deactivate your ID and password at discretion without justification.

User-generated content

By “user content” in the present Terms of Use, we mean any materials submitted to the website for whatever reason. It includes any kind of data: texts, pictures, audio, and/or video materials.

Once cooperating with NerdyRoo.com, you provide it a global, unconditional, gratuitous right to utilize, adjust, share, translate, and spread your user content in any present or forthcoming media. Besides, you allow NerdyRoo.com to transfer these rights with other parties and have an opportunity to prosecute any violation of the above-stated rights.

Your user content should be legal, law-abiding, and respectful towards other party’s rights. Your content should also be secured from any possibility of raising a lawsuit against you, NerdyRoo.com, or third parties.

No user content should be submitted if it has ever been involved in legal proceedings, used as a threat, or subjected to other complaints.

NerdyRoo.com keeps the right to modify or delete any materials provided to the website, kept in the archives, or distributed through the website.

No warranties

NerdyRoo.com doesn’t encompass any guarantees, explicit or implicit. It means that the website doesn’t provide any assurance related to itself or the materials and data published there.

Complementing what was stated before, NerdyRoo.com doesn’t guarantee that it will be accessible forever or that the information published here is utter, unarguable, or accurate.

Information published on this website is not aimed to provide any kind of advice. If you need a consultation related to any discipline: finances, medicine, law, etc., you should approach a suitable expert.

Liability clause

NerdyRoo.com is not responsible for any use of or interaction with the contents of the website (under the contract law, tort, or otherwise):

  • as the website is presented for free, for any direct loss;
  • indirect loss;
  • consequential loss;
  • business losses;
  • loss of revenue, profits, or expected savings;
  • loss of commercial communications and agreements;
  • loss of reputation;
  • loss or corruption of any materials

The above-listed restrictions take effect even if NerdyRoo.com is aware of the possible risks and losses.

Special cases

The terms & conditions published on this website completely follow all warranties assumed by law, as it would be illegal to exclude or limit. Additionally, the present disclaimer doesn’t eliminate or deny the responsibility of NerdyRoo.com concerning:

– situations where death or physical injuries caused by NerdyRoo.com employees, owners, or any other related persons took place;

– swindle or fraudulent inclement from the side of NerdyRoo.com;

– cases where it is unlawful for NerdyRoo.com to ignore or disregard or try to disregard or restrict its responsibilities.


Using this website automatically means that you consent to the limitations of responsibility stated in the current policy and accept that they are justified

In case you don’t think they are justified, we don’t recommend using NerdyRoo.com.

Third parties

NerdyRoo.com is a limited responsibility organization and is interested in restricting its staff’s scope of personal responsibilities. You agree to that statement and accept that you won’t complain personally against any of NerdyRoo.com workers if you experience any damages connected with the website.

Without detriment to what was stated before, you accept that all of the warranties limitations mentioned on this page will guard NerdyRoo.com’s staff, affiliates, subcontractors, assignees, and NerdyRoo.com itself.

Unenforceable conditions

When any term of this website disclaimer turns out to be impossible to enforce under the corresponding law, it won’t have any effect on other conditions’ feasibility.


With this disclaimer, you free NerdyRoo.com from any failures, losses, responsibilities, and expenditures incurred by NerdyRoo.com (including, without exceptions, costs provided to third parties by NerdyRoo.com to regulate any conflicts on the advice of the website’s juridical consultants) as a result of you violating any conditions of the present policy, or those coming from any complaint that you’ve broken any of these conditions.

Violation of these conditions

Without detriment to other rights, NerdyRoo.com, once you’ve violated the present terms of use anyhow, the website can take action to deal with the infringement. The actions might take the form of ceasing your access to the website, preventing any devices that use your IP address to access the website, approaching your network provider to ask them to suspend your access to the website, or filing a claim against you.


NerdyRoo.com keeps the right to change the current terms of use when required. Once they are revised, the changes will come into force from the date of the publication. To stay updated with the modifications made, it is recommended to check the current page time by time.

Transfer of authority

NerdyRoo.com can exchange, sub-lease or otherwise dispose of its rights or responsibilities stated in the current terms of use without informing you or looking for your consent.

You are not able to exchange, sub-lease or otherwise dispose of your rights or responsibilities stated in the current terms of use.


If completion of these regulations is claimed to be illegal or unenforceable by any authorities, the rest of the conditions stays effective. If any illicit or unenforceable rules turn out to be feasible, considering that any part of it was erased, the remaining parts of the policy will stay effective.

Full agreement

Along with NerdyRoo.com’s Privacy Policy, the present terms & conditions perform the complete agreement of you and NerdyRoo.com concerning you using this website. It also displaces all of the former conventions regulating your utilization of this website.

Law and authority

The present terms of use are regulated by and obey the laws; therefore, any conflicts concerning these terms are the subject of the specific jurisdiction of the courts.