Trends and Tasks in Marketing in Classic Airlines


The concept of marketing builds a basis for marketing management.

The marketing concept in any organization helps it to achieve its objectives and makes the organization more efficient than its competitors in business activities. A company must do its business according to the trends and demands in the market. The tasks of the organization should be based on the requirements of the customers.

This paper is focused on identifying the basic concepts, trends, and tasks in marketing in classic airlines. The components needed for an efficient marketing plan are also identified in the report. Finally, the marketing research process is applied for the development of a business solution.

Classic Airlines and Marketing

“The marketing concept is the philosophy that firms should analyze the needs of their customers and then make decisions to satisfy those needs, better than the competition. Today most firms have adopted the marketing concept, but this has not always been the case” (The marketing concept, 2007, para.1). An organization’s potential is compared to the customer’s requirements with the concept of marketing.

Classic airlines are one of the largest airlines in the world. It is currently at the fifth position in the global market. This company manages many flights, jets, and many employees are working in this company. They are providing flight services to around 240 cities. Although this company had run successfully for many years now there is reduce in workers’ morale and consumers’ devotion. Classic Airline faces various challenges and the major problem of this company is regarded with the customer service. For the success of any business customer satisfaction is very necessary. Over the past few years, they failed to provide good service to the customers. They are not maintaining good relations with their permanent customers and not launching new marketing programs to attract new consumers. As a result, the number of passengers decreased to great extent. Moreover, their permanent customers depended on their competitors. Another problem of Classic airlines is the customer relationship management system. Even though the customer relationship management system is much better in the market, they failed in integrating their departments and various channels in the process of enhancing their customer satisfaction. These issues have caused the whole reputation of Classic Airlines in the market and loss in their financial status.

In this scenario, the marketing concepts included strategic planning, the changes in the international environment, and also the value chain. The classic airlines’ company had been making efforts to market their commonly occurring flier activities. The decrease in the passenger and payment had made them restore the reward activities. The rewarding of the existing customers would help in improving the number of customers. A marketing plan for increasing the activity of the customers has to be developed in the classic airlines.


An effective marketing plan is essential for the success of the business. An excellent marketing plan helps the business to compete with their competitors, facilitates attracting and maintain consumers, and so on. The major components of the marketing plan include analyzing the market, recognizing the aim and objective of marketing, describing marketing policies, and executing and estimating marketing schedules. Good market research will help the classic airlines to develop a good business solution. The present position of the classic airlines in the market is being evaluated by them. Market research is conducted in a particular market. It is done by the organization after selecting an appropriate market. The market research provides details about the existing and new customers, views about sales, etc. All these marketing concepts help in the development of Classic Airlines.


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