ManTech Corp.: Evaluation of Business Code of Ethics


ManTech International Corporation is a public limited company that offers security and exchange programs. ManTech’s services include critical national security technology programs at the top security levels. This paper details the evaluation of company ethics with respect to ManTech, as it concentrates on customers, employees and the management.

General Information about ManTech

ManTech Company mainly offers its services to the government by offering protection to information as well as technical and sensitive government data. ManTech is chaired by a president who is assisted by other managers, the Board of Directors and together, they are committed to upholding the company’s standards. The entire management and employees of the company ensure that they maintain exceptional reputation with their customers. The company’s mission is to be successful and provide quality services to customers by way of winning their trust first. Apart from customers, ManTech is also committed to employees, suppliers, shareholders, communities and the national security. Employees of the company are guided by a set of professional ethics so that they may meet the required standards. Employees, officers and directors are expected to comply with the guidelines and policies set forth in the standards. According to Trevino and Weaver (2003, para. 2), current leaders can also influence culture in a number of ways. They can help to maintain the current culture or they can change it by articulating a vision. This is observed in ManTech Company as they determine the moral behavior of their employees. The company’s ethics stipulate that no illegal drugs should be used or taken at the workplace. When hiring employees, the company is fair as it does not discriminate against anyone based on race or disability. ManTech also prohibits behaviors that are not morally right. The company does not allow any kind of harassment by employees. Any kind of harassment should therefore be reported to a senior representative. With this guideline, employees are cautious of how they behave because they are aware of the outcome.

Ethical System

Duty driving is an ethical system based on legal issues. In this case, ManTech has rules and regulations that limit hiring employees and use of services of those who have been in the U.S government. It becomes hard to hire such people, unless they have proven advisory opinions from the Ethics Official. The article states that people behave in ways that are consistent with the culture because they feel they are expected to do so. Their behavior may have nothing to do with their personal beliefs, but they behave as they are expected. It implies that employees would only behave in a particular manner because they are required to do so. In ManTech Company, the employees adhere to the organizational cultures and cannot have their own policies.

Even though ManTech employees can easily access employees’ information, they should always keep everything private. It would be unethical for employers to tell other employees about the secrets of others. This is stipulated in the both the guidelines and laws of the company. Everyone in the management is responsible for contributing to the creation and maintenance of a respectful workplace environment free from discrimination. The management ensures that materials purchased for the company are from qualified suppliers. These materials are also purchased according to applicable government regulations. Duty driven ethical system should be used as it is not only based on an organization’s policy, but also legal regulations. This means that the codes used by given organization would be according to laws of a country.

Modifying Codes

Financial codes in ManTech states that violation of ethics should be punished by disciplinary action. This is right, although it should also state that a staff would only be disciplined if proven guilty. Investigation therefore should be carried out and if possible take such cases to court. There are violation cases that a company would solve on its own although there are cases that would need police to handle or court ruling (Zuedema, 2009, Para, 4).Taking cases to court should not only apply to financial codes but also to other ethics in ManTech. Apart from protecting employees’ information, the codes of ManTech should also state that the company’s information must be kept secret. This is because the company deals with crucial issues like national matters. In modifying the codes, ManTech should implement new rules for those who violate the policies. Apart from the company giving the responsibility of reporting any kind of violation, they should also tell their customers and suppliers to report any kind of unethical behavior. In other words, ethical behavior should be observed even when dealing with customers. Suppliers and customers must be respected and should be served with ethical behavior.

The policies of ManTech should also consider harassment of the customers as violation and act upon it. Other than only concentrating on the employee’s violation, the management should also face consequences of any kind of violation. ManTech should also introduce healthcare ethics which is very important to the welfare of the employees.

Healthcare committees have focused on clinically related ethical concerns like decision-making assistance to clinical staff (Nelson, Rosenberg, Weiss & Goodrich, 2008, p. 277). The healthcare ethics should stipulate that no one in the company should not discriminate against a person because of disease or sickness. The management should introduce healthcare ethics that will be concerned with clinically related ethical concerns. The committee would be responsible for giving advice to the company staff on issues dealing with clinical matters. The health care ethics should state that no staff should be discriminated against because of a disease. A staff should not be discontinued from work because of being sick unless he/she is unable to perform duties. The management of ManTech should introduce ethical training sessions which will help employees in understanding the codes.

Reaction to the codes

By introducing this kind of ethics, the affected staff will feel appreciated and protected. Discrimination normally influences performance of a person therefore if it is shunned, then the affected staff will be at peace. On the other hand, there is some staff who would not receive the new codes positively. Such people would not be willing to associate with ailing employees. The management should consider the idea of creating a healthcare committee which would be a benefit to the company. This committee would help prevent the loss of employees who might quit work because of discrimination.


ManTech company deals with diverse issues that really need handling with a lot of seriousness. The fact that the company deals with national security matters means that the staff should be very competent. The ethics of the company must be adhered to because any kind of violation can lead to tarnishing the image of the company. ManTech codes stipulate that no employee should be found harassing the other. In case a group of employees was found with sexual harassment violation, then it would raise questions to people including customers, suppliers and even the government.


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