The Methods Used by Business Organizations in Selling Their Products


In today’s business environment, there are various types of business organizations that deal with varied products. Some deal with fast-moving goods such as food while others deal with slow-moving products such as automobiles. To increase sales, employers use various selling methods to reach their consumers. Some use varied channels of distribution based on the nature of the products and the price of substitute products available in the market. To understand some of the various methods used by business organizations in selling their products, I conducted an interview with Johan Piaget who deals with fast-moving products. This paper is aimed at producing the report of the information I gathered from the interview.

Product description

Natural Beauty is a cosmetics manufacturing company that deals in the production of different cosmetic products. Some of the cosmetic products manufactured by this company include lipsticks, lip gloss, and lip conditioners. The company also produces mascara used in lengthening eyelashes and a variety of nail polish. To reach its customers, the company uses a three-level channel of distribution where their products go through the wholesaler and retailer before reaching the final consumer. Piaget works as a wholesaler agent for this company. These cosmetics are purchased by different retailers who then sell them to consumers. Piaget deals with local customers who comprise retail operators. These customers buy the various varieties of cosmetics products and sell them at retail price to final consumers. Most of the customers do not deal in cosmetics sales only; rather they sell different types of products. A part from dealing with retailers, Piaget also deals with final consumers direct such as salon operators who buy the products in large quantities to use in their salons.

Duties and responsibilities

There are various responsibilities that are bestowed on John. Some of the basic responsibilities are selling cosmetics products to retailers on behalf of the company. A part from selling these products, he conducts customer analysis to identify their needs and how they respond to their products. He then conveys the report to the company on improvements that need to be done on some products. Due to high demand for cosmetics product in the country, John also carries inventory. He is responsible of storing company’s products before he sell them to retailers and other consumers. As a way of attracting customers, Piaget also delivers merchandise to some of the customers. For those retailers who make big orders, he organizes for transportation of the products to their shops. It is hard for Natural Beauty Company to offer credit to its consumers. This is due to the range of the consumers and the overhead incurred in storing records of consumers who have been awarded the credit. It is in this respect that the company has given Piaget the responsibility of extending credits to retailers. Some cosmetic products need to be applied with care. This is because if not well used, they can not meet the required results while some may be harmful to some body parts if they come into contact. Piaget offer consultant services to retailers on how every product is used who in turn communicate it to consumers (Pearce & Jones 2009, para. 2-4).

How Piaget’s Job performance is measured

Natural Beauty has numerous wholesale agents across the country that is responsible of distributing its products. To determine those wholesalers that perform, the company conducts regular evaluation of sales volume done by every wholesaler as well as the rate at which these wholesalers orders for products from the company. Their performance is also gauged according to the nature of information they convey to the company regarding the market and customer demands. Piaget works under contracts with the company and those wholesalers that are found to perform poorly are replaced with others. The company offers him a fixed salary plus 10% commission on sales made that exceeds $100, 000.

Steps Piaget would employ in a sales interview

Piaget understands the importance of being prepared before going for a sales interview. He understands that it is his level of preparedness that would make him win the sales job. According to him, some of the steps he would go through in a sales interview include:

  • Find as much information about the client as possible before going for the interview. This can be through researching about the company online or visiting the company to enquire for brochures that talk about the company. This will help him understand the type of sales done by the company, its products as well as its competitors. This would make him stand a chance of winning in the interview.
  • The second step is listening attentively during the interview. This would help him in clarifying information required by the interviewer thus making sure that he answers all the questions effectively. By listening carefully during the interview, he would also be able to understand some of the qualities required by the interviewer thus ensure that he demonstrates those qualities.
  • Establish a good relationship with the interviewer. This would lead to the interviewer having a positive attitude towards him (Penny 2008, para. 3).
  • Ask the right questions about the company. This would make the interviewer see the reason why he is the most relevant candidate for the company thus giving him a chance of being considered.
  • Present concrete evidence of his suitability for the job. This can be through presenting documents that shows his qualifications, recommendations from other clients or business plan that he had previously developed.
  • At the end of the interview, he would momentarily take control of the interview process and discuss few questions with the interviewer. Some of the questions he would ask include if there are concerns about suitability of products offered by the company (Penny, 2008, para. 4). He would also enquire the next step after the interview and how he would get the feedback.

Pattern of duties in the working week

According to Piaget, dealing with cosmetics products is one of the busiest activities in business environment. To him, there is no single day that he is free. Some of his duties in a working week include:

  • On Mondays, he compiles all orders that he need to make from the company.
  • On Tuesday, Piaget meets his customers who have different problems with the products and discuss with them on how to use the products.
  • Wednesday is the day that he receives merchandise from the company.
  • Thursday is dedicated for market analysis. On this day, he visits his clients and enquires from them on improvements that need to be done on the products.
  • The other days of the week are spent in the shop. Here he deals direct with retailers who come to purchase goods.

Because of competition between cosmetics manufacturing companies, Natural beauty makes regular enquiries from its wholesale agents on various consumer needs. To facilitate this, the company has offered every agent a computer hardware that is networked with the company and has internet. From this, the company is capable of accessing all records compiled by their agents. Demand for services in the shop does not allow him to have a lot of time with each customer. He only manages to have direct contact with customers on Tuesdays and Thursdays when enquiring about their needs. In the last one year, he has managed to get a new category of consumers who buy deodorants. This was after the company started manufacturing deodorants used by men.

Reflections about the interview

Based on the information given by Piaget, most of his selling approach is done through consultative approach. Before making orders from the company, he makes analysis of his customers. He also enquires from them about the products they require. It is from retailers’ information that he makes his orders from the company. Some of the strengths that John introduces to his shop include his knowledge on conducting market analysis. This makes him meet all consumer needs (Pearce & Jones 2009, para. 5). He is one of those wholesalers who are able to make good rapport with his customers easily. As a result, all his customers have loyalty in him. He also has knowledge in inventory management. This helps him order for the right amount of products thus reducing operation costs. Not all persons are suited to every business activity. For one to manage some business operations, he or she needs to have some inherent qualities such as leadership skills. This is not always common to all.


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