Change Management and Adaptation


Change within an organization refers to the alteration of major components, structures, and operations. The change process significantly impacts the employees and how they perform their allocated tasks. In some cases, productivity increases, whereas in others, it reduces depending on the stress level caused by the effects of change. Therefore, organizations should assess and formulate interventions that facilitate adaptation to change and create healthy stress.

Change Management

The organization’s leadership can employ different strategies to support its junior personnel during the change process. Such interventions include providing adequate management, interpersonal training, coaching, and counseling before and during the change to ensure they are strong enough to perform well at work (Rosenbaum et al., 2018). Employees can be included in the change process of the organization. It is essential to explain the need for change and take their opinions.

Creating a cordial relationship between the management and employees will play a significant role in managing change. This is because it allows constant sharing of information and concerns between them, making it easy to identify and solve problems. All employees should be trained in various stress management skills (Rosenbaum et al., 2018). These could include physical fitness, relaxation, self-observation, and assertiveness. Such abilities will aid them in managing the effects of change at a personal level.


In conclusion, change within an organization can result in positive or negative productivity. Therefore, each organization should manage the effects of change and ensure healthy stress is created. Interventions such as including employees in the change process can be used to control and create healthy stress. The organization’s top management ought to provide strong leadership and mentorship of the personnel throughout the period. Workers can also be trained in self-management skills such as being physically active and relaxation techniques.


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