Med-Con: Social Media Marketing Strategy

Executive Summary

This paper demonstrates a well-coordinated plan to improve Med-Con’s social media marketing strategy by ensuring a solid online existence on various platforms, comprising Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and even Snapchat. The teams should demonstrate how to produce greater exposure for their brand by ensuring correct interaction by the audience through social media platforms. They should contact potential buyers within their target market by exhibiting and generating more site traffic. All of these elements working together will result in improved company growth.


Generating website traffic via social media platforms is known as online marketing. As a result, these strategies are always centered on providing high-quality content that will obtain greater exposure and encourage users to post across multiple networking platforms. This type of advertising is driven by electronic, thus, resulting in media exposure rather than endorsed media. Businesses that utilize online networking effectively may benefit from greater brand recognition and improved customer service. When using online marketing firms, consumers and internet users can share their content.

Internal Environment

Business should not only be about making money but being responsible for it as well. It should be for the good of the whole community, and not for a single person. To achieve and maintain all of these, the Med-Con firm is actively conducting social responsibility initiatives to develop better promotion strategies both for the current and future generations. All of the social media campaigns for the Med-Con Corporation have a perspective that will fully fit into the social media arena.

The firm will inform its current audience about the missions and issues for which it is actively championing. In addition, it will be able to harness the power of social media discourse, command even sharing to strengthen its efforts in creating a competitive edge in the market. The corporate culture has always been supported by the company’s social media objectives. Med-Con is a pioneer in the advocacy of high corporate transparency and its social media campaigns, which focusses on its products, have pushed for good social media environment improvements. The primary values include advocating for inter-community trading, protecting human privileges, and enhancing self-esteem, such as conserving the environment. Because of this decent, honest, and corporate culture, the organization can thrive in social media contexts. On Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, the Med-Con firm has already created a strong presence. It has a strong and dependable contract team that is ensuring that forward movement and expansion within the networking space are greatly supported.

Company SWOT

Regarding strengths, firstly, the Med-Con Company is a well-established brand and its reputation is the responsibility of the management. Secondly, it has loyal customers who constantly have a favorable attitude toward its brand products, inventing ways to promote their favorite Med-Con items. Med-Con sells high-quality, organically manufactured items that appeal to the majority of consumers’ tastes and preferences. For the weaknesses, firstly, Med-Con Company is not quite as big as it appears to be, especially when compared to some of its competitors that deal with similar goods. Secondly, the medical firm has higher prices than most of its rivals, which has extremely affected it. Third is its inadequate supply chain: there is insufficient supply of the products in the market thus not every consumer is in a position to get the products on time.

There is room for more development on existing social platforms such as Instagram and several others. With a research-savvy attitude toward the consumers, several good customer evaluations on YouTube, will allow new customers to discover more about the high-quality items thanks to comments from other social media sites. Moreover, direct rivals with large social media platforms and audiences pose a threat. In addition, competitor with a similar reputation for social responsibility and high-quality products at are operating with lower costs.

Competitor Review

When evaluating online comments, one should identify individuals from whom they would like to learn more and reach to them. Speak with them directly to learn more about who they are, what they want and need, and why they had a bad experience with the competitor’s products. One should learn about the consumer experience while providing personalized attention, which may lead to future business. A business ought to take advantage if their competitor’s relationship with a client is broken in some way. The firm should entice such an individual by informing them that the company will meet their unattended business demands. At the end of a conversation, thank them for their time and offer them better customer service.

Social Media Monitoring

Metrics Sentiments Reach Companies Post Feedback
Twitter @med-C on 3000 1000 500
YouTube Med-C on 75000 12000 600
Instagram Med-C on 15000 4000 500
snapchat Med-C on 3000 950 400
Facebook Med-C on 100000 12500 800

Social Media Goals and Objectives

When it comes to manufacturer’s goals, a business is little more than ‘fluff’ if it lacks quality. Produce high-quality goods, maintain current equipment, and seek excellent sources. Having a great reputation will help one to increase sales, while outstanding time management is the key to a conducive workplace. Making a to-do list at the start of each day and checking off everything one accomplished is an easy approach to attain this aim. One should make it clear what they anticipate in every area of the company so that everyone is working toward the same objective.

Salesperson turnover continues to be a significant issue for distributors. The real problem is lack of engagement on the sales team’s part. It is uncommon for the bottom 40% of sales managers to make 80 percent of new hires (Opresnik, Hollensen and Kotler, 2020). Considering that one of the most disengaged representatives may also be under-managed, one can bridge the gap between the email marketing efforts and the company’s sales and product data with the right integrated system. The company could use CRM data in conjunction with rich data from the ERP system to determine which customer groups are most likely to respond to various email offers and campaigns.

Smart Objectives

When it comes to B2B digital marketing, online transformation implies a 10% correlation of sales turnover attributed to the digital promotional campaign. In the current year, the organization attracted 30,000 new clients using digital channels at an average cost of $50 per client. To boost promotional relevancy, generate higher rate of a homepage by at least 2 percent over the following three months. In the coming months, the company would plan to increase brand recognition and publicity by 30%, with a monthly impact of at approximately 1,500,000 throughout all digital promotional activities.


Marketing plan has become an important component of an effective business model in competitive industries such as e-commerce, and this might be the key differentiator (Social Media Marketing Guru 2019). Excellent communication is the most important way to set the organization apart from the crowd on the internet. A marketing strategy helps an individual pinpoint exactly which communications will entice customers to purchase more Med-Con items.


Demographics: individuals of both sexes are included. Age range between 5 to 50 years old, marital status, single or married. Geographical locations should be in Australia’s major cities. Psychographics: the desire to make a positive difference in the world should have the ability to be powerful, compassionate, and caring (Sakshi 2017). Qualities of behavior: at least one week before the medical show, one should be able to participate. At minimum twice a week, one buys medical supplies at least once a day and talks to others about health difficulties. One is active on one social media network, which later transforms into a social media habit. Entities utilizes social media platforms to talk about the products and companies at least once a week.

Relationships/Social Community

The Med-Con Company will have a consistent brand voice, attitude, and even style across all social media channels. The Med-Con brand persona is described as happy, positive, caring, considerate, socially conscious, socially aware, and well educated on the healthcare equipment. There is a need to increase brand visibility and interaction on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat are examples of social networking platforms (Fahmi Al-Zyoud 2018). The content will be focusing on creating a conversation with the prospective audience by asking questions and requesting their opinion and feedback. The purpose of the material is to initiate a conversation with the potential customers by asking questions.

The Specific Use of Each Platform

Facebook, establishing meaningful interactions, posting educational reviews about company’s goods and medical issues, and cross-promoting material from other channels. Listening and monitoring, having correct interactions, and even seeking and leveraging the brand immediately address them are all things that people do on Twitter. A recommendation of utilizing YouTube to connect with other users on the site by liking, following, commenting, and even sharing their material to develop a suitable relationship-building element. Snapchat, this platform will be used to showcase the majority of the items and share the majority of the recipes (Fahmi Al-Zyoud 2018). There will be postings of motivational, empowering quotations and feedback from people who have utilized the goods. Instagram will be used mostly to advertise and share those products. This platform will be used to give the behind-the-scenes.

Campaign Specific and the Duration

A social media marketing campaign is a concerted online marketing effort to communicate with a specific target audience to achieve a marketing or business goal. Founded on big ideas that persuade followers to promote a product or service, an event, a company milestone, raise brand awareness, or build a community of brand advocates. The campaigns would run for four weeks.

The campaigns were one healthy tasty campaigns, and giveaways campaigns

Healthy Tasty Campaigns

This campaigns mainly focuses on the eating habits of a is concerned with enabling one to eat healthy, making healthy choices that are easy on everyone. Individuals will use their stories on how they encountered the use of our brands to inspire most our audience. The company would educate the audience on how to maintain healthy eating habits. They we will also share all the other details in a post in our various platforms.

Healthy Tasty Campaigns
Fig 1.0: Healthy Tasty Campaigns

Give-Away Campaigns

The company would also use the give-away campaigns to boost brand awareness. They will use this opportunity to increase customer engagement. The will tactics like asking questions and those who will get it right will be given prizes. Also there will be ideas like buying a product at a discount price,buy one and get one free. The brand would run a branded hashtag contest.

Giveaways Campaigns
Fig 1.1: Giveaways Campaigns

Engagement and Content Strategy

One would spread the word that being generous to others is accompanied by health care. As a result, there will be content creating on this specific theme on the platforms mentioned with their respective missions. One will be building and nurturing an audience on Instagram, and this is where public health giveaway campaigns will take place (Barker et al., 2017). The company will be sharing photos and videos of the amazing transformations that most customers experience after purchasing some of the products that were offered. The person in charge of the brand will encourage the audience and customers to share the majority of their videos and photos of their experiences with the company’s products by tagging the firm’s accounts.

Activation Plan
Activation Plan

Monitoring Performance

If one can show steady progress over several months, users will be able to justify their time and effort. Med Box remarks from Med-Cons is a good approach to assess brand awareness and consumer happiness. Mentions on social media are a good method to gauge brand recognition and see who is talking about the brand online. Tracking mentions tells one how engaged the company’s audience is with the material and the optimal days and times to publish on social media (Atherton 2020). Whether or not the product and service is well-liked by customers, one should not only count the mentions. One may compare the Med-Cons performance to competitors by watching their social media mentions. Monitoring their comments is critical if they want to reduce their market share or attract some of their customers.

Top influencers: a lot has been talked about influencer marketing. Influencers can help one fast build their following, and they are generally a lot less expensive than advertising. They are frequently free, and they identify and monitor the people talking about them on the internet. Influence increases typically imply that prominent individuals are being mentioned in industry magazines or on social media, which is unquestionably a wonderful thing. Total social media conversions is a metric that aggregates all social networking sites conversions instead of breaking them down by channel (Marc et al. 2020). An individual needs to understand how social media adds to their marketing team’s monthly or quarterly goals


To summarize, the advertising team would work with the technical group to make the required modifications to streamline and refine the social media marketing strategies and campaigns. The brand will be doing this on a weekly basis, and perhaps on a daily basis if necessary. Every decision and action people make will always be in line with the company’s overall objectives, as well as to guide the firm’s overall objectives.

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