Business Plan on E-Business

Executive Summary

Due to the process of globalization and continued advancement in the technology level, the number of E-Businesses has increased at a very high rate. E-Business is a form of business where all transactions are made through the internet. In this form of business, communication between the business to their partners and customers take place through the internet.

This analysis involves a description of a proposed restaurant operating through the internet (E-Business). It is very important to run a restaurant through the internet especially to enable the business to reach as many customers as possible throughout the world. The proposed restaurant plan has identified a gap that exists at the E-Businesses that is currently operating in the restaurant industry. This will help the business at a greater extent to compete with other competitors at this early stage of development. Before conducting an E-Business, it is very necessary to have clear information about the customer needs (Dunn-Richmond Economic Development Center 2).

So far, the trends in the restaurant industry have recorded a remarkable growth. Many restaurants operating through this system have recorded a significant growth. For instance, IL based FRESHII which was established in 2005 has recorded a 58% growth rate (Restaurant Resource News 2). These restaurants have a capacity of fifty people and the customers have an opportunity to order online if they wish to do so. However, there are some of these restaurants which have recorded a very slow growth rate. For instance, recent reports have indicated that the giant hamburgers has recorded 4% growth rate (Restaurant Resource News, 3). The restaurants often open during the three basic meal times. These includes, morning hours, lunch hours and supper hours.

The next important step that is analyzed by this paper is the web development. This includes the web content that is necessary for any restaurant website. There is a clear description of the content which includes the images, logo, and other information that is necessary marketing the restaurant.

Another important area of concern is the marketing and promotion of the new restaurant. One of the disadvantages of a new restaurant is that there is nobody in the market who knows about the business (Peter and Bangs: 114). It is therefore very important to have a very attractive promotions in order to be able to win as many customers as possible. In the long run, the success of the business is significantly determined by the initial promotion and marketing exercises. At the main opening of the restaurant, the hotel will arrange for a unique celebration involving famous musicians so as to attract publicity.

Business plan for the Restaurant E-Business


E-business is one of the major developments which have taken place in the area of business since the advancement of the technology. E- Business takes place when an organization performs all its transactions electronically with their suppliers or customers (Lientz et al: 1). In other words, this form of business is carried out on the internet. The business provides all the services to its customers through the internet. It also interacts with other partners through the internet. For an organization to be successful in E-Business, it has to structure its internal structure in such a way that it would be easier for it to achieve its goals effectively.

Reasons for choosing the E-Business

One of the main advantages of e-business is that the economy may be in crisis but the business strength will not be significantly affected. This is so especially for the multinational corporations (MNC), which conducts its activities in different regions. Another importance aspect of an E-Business is that the business is cheaper to run. There is no transport costs incurred by moving from one place to another to make transactions, all transactions are made online. In addition to that the E-Business saves time. Customers are not forced to queue in order to be served. They can be served by just clicking their favorites. In this form of business, the organization makes most of the transactions with their suppliers online. In most cases, suppliers of the raw materials are located at distance away from the organization. It may take a lot of time and money for these two to conduct transactions in the traditional way.

When formulating an E-Business plan, it is very important to have a well organized concept before taking off. James observes that many e-businesses fail not because of the poor software or hosting problems, but because of the poor underlying concepts (1). James added that many E-Businesses which were operating during the 1990s boom collapsed due to lack of good foundation (1). These businesses had all the required financial services and a qualified workforce but they collapsed due to poor plans (James, 1)

A Restaurant E-Business

One of the most fundamental effects of the Internet revolution is that it is leveling the playing field, removing many business and social barriers and making it possible for even the smallest players to join the game.

Reason for establishing a restaurant through the internet

One of the major importances of the E-Business is that it removes some of the major barriers that were related to the traditional business methods. Through the E-Business, social and business barriers are reduced significantly. The internet has brought a revolution on the business world including the restaurant industry (Torsten and Alan, 1). Through the internet, the staff is able to interact with their customers as well as their partners in a more efficient way than ever. The process of interaction has also been eased through the internet.

Torsten and Alan noted that a computer is more productive than the human beings in some of the activities involved in the business area like accounting, data management and data analysis. This aspect of computers makes it more efficient to practice E-Business rather than conducting business in the traditional way. It increases the level of productivity which in turn reduces the amount of the workforce. By employing fewer people, the restaurant will increase the profit margins significantly by reduction of the costs. It will also be possible to reduce the other costs related to the employees like insurance cover.

Another importance of establishing a restaurant through the internet is that it will be very easy to convince people and make them long for your dishes. This can be achieved through a well established form of communication through emails. This is a very cheap mode of advertisement especially in our case where there is a limited funding. It therefore becomes very easy to realize a higher rate of expansion. By establishing a restaurant through the internet, I will be able to reach customers all over the world. It will be possible to contact the customers from far places who may be coming to visit the region. This allows me to increase the level of sales per day.

Moreover, this type of business helps in reduction of the risks. I will be able to know the number of customers expected to visit the restaurant. Having this information, it will be easier to avoid loses which many restaurants incur through wastage of unsold food due to uncertainties involved in the traditional way of business.

In our case here, there are limited resources, a fact which makes it very difficult to start up a restaurant through the traditional way. Torsten and Alan discusses that through E-Business, many individuals around the world has managed to start their own companies with very little amount of capital.

Through the process of globalization, different parts of the world have been integrated to a greater extent. There has been an increased rate of movement from one place to another. However, there still exist variations in different cultures of the world. One of the most distinguishing factors in terms of the culture is eating habits. Different people from different regions have their own ways of cooking. This makes it very complicated to satisfy the customers from all over the world in the restaurant industry using the traditional methods. E-Business solves this problem as it makes it possible to get enough details on time about the cultural backgrounds of the customers and then prepare dishes accordingly.

My E- business will be able to maximize customer satisfaction. I will be able to get exact description of the foods which my customers prefer on time and get it prepared on time. It will be possible to have the dishes prepares before the customers arrives in the restaurant. In this way, I will avoid any inconveniences that may be caused by the unavailability of some dishes.

In addition, queuing of the customers will be reduced as the customers will be making enquiries through the internet. Another reason why I have chosen a restaurant for this type of business is because of the past records on this industry. Many investors who have invested on E-Business on the restaurant industry have recorded a recommendable achievement. This is why I have not hesitated to choose this field.

A Business plan of a restaurant

This is the most critical step in the development of the restaurant E-Business. The way the business plan is designed is the major criteria by which the success of the business is determined. According to Torsten and Alan, it is very difficult to come up with a business that deals with goods or services that does not already exist in the market (2). However, one can differentiate his or her products from those existing in the market by coming up with unique ways of carrying out the common business activities. This will be the guiding principle in this hotel plan.

Steps of developing an e-business (Restaurant)

There are five main steps involved in any E-Business process. These steps include opportunity analysis, web development, E-marketing program, implementation and the expansion (Dunn-Richmond Economic Development Center).

Website development

Website development is another important part in the planning of the business. This is so because the content of the website will be the major marketing tool of the business. It is therefore very important to pay more attention on this step. While developing the website, it is very necessary to decide on who will be your Internet Service Provider after which you decide on the necessary content of the website depending on the goals of the business (Dunn-Richmond Economic Development Center : 9).

In this case, I am going to include a number of things in the restaurant website. These are the main things that would enable the business to expand at higher rate. However, before doing this, I will spare some time to collect information from other restaurants. This information will help in identifying areas of weaknesses so that I may be able to come up with a unique form of business. After collection, this information can be arranged in such a way that it would attract anybody to visit the restaurant (Dunn-Richmond Economic Development Center 9).

The Content of the website

Before deciding on the content to include in the website, it is very important to know the goals that the website is aimed to achieve. In our case here, the restaurant website is aimed to sell the business all over the world. The website is also going to be used as the marketing tool for the business. It is aimed to influence customers to choose this particular restaurant from among many others who are providing almost the same products in the market.

The content of the website is also very important. The web content conveys the real picture of the business. Therefore, it is very necessary to include only that content that is going to build the business rather than demolishing. This can be realized by a series of evaluation of the content by different people. In the restaurant website, it will include a very attractive layout and colors such that the customers who visit the website would feel attracted to our dishes even before they visit us. The appearance will also be designed in an attractive way such that it will attract the eyes of those who come across the site. An attractive page will drag the attention of the customers throughout the page. This will inform them about our products.


The web will also include the images and graphics. For instance, it will include an attractive picture of some of the dishes we prepare. This picture should be designed in such a way that it influences the feelings of the customers all over the world. For instance, a foreigner may see our attractive dishes on the website and bet to taste the food when he or she visits the country. Therefore, the appearance of the web alone is a very important engine of increasing the sales. On the images, I will also include a neat picture of the restaurant and some of the facilities that are rare in other restaurants. This again will sell our business to people all over the world.


A logo of the restaurant is also going to be included on the website of the business. This will help our customers to recognize us from our competitors. This will represent our identity.

Marketing and promotion

At the initial stage of E business development, it is very important to have a well organized marketing and promotion strategies. This exercise determines the success of a business to a greater extent. In this case, there is scarcity of resources and it would therefore be important to use those marketing and promotion mechanisms that will require little funding. I would propose an entertainment which will not cost too much that will help in informing the public about the restaurant.

According to Peter and Bangs , it is very necessary to consult your promotion specialist for guidance especially at this early stage of the development (114). For instance, before releasing the press publication of the restaurant, I will use the guidelines from the chosen specialist in this field. This will help us to maximize the publicity at minimum costs. Materials that are going to be used in the advertisement will be ordered from professional designers. According to the discussion by Peter and Bangs, the problem of conveying a bad business image can only be reduced by getting a qualified artist to design your business cards, invoices among other things that are related to the business (114). Poorly designed printed materials can portray a bad picture of the business. Such materials cannot attract the attention of customers and hence cannot be relied as marketing aids.

Description of the hotel

This is another important part of the content to include in the website of a restaurant. This will include the location and other details pertaining to the restaurant. It will include a brief description of the environment which influences the customers to admire the restaurant. Since the restaurant will be expecting international travelers, it will include the details that will make it friendly to all the people from different social and cultural backgrounds. Some of these aspects include universal dishes among other things.

Product / service description

This will involve a brief description of some of the common dishes. It will also include an attractive picture of served dishes which would be eye catching. Some of the dishes that will be included in the menu are shanghai dumplings, Vietnamese rolls, Thai lettuce wraps and other common dishes. However, it is good to bear in the mind that the restaurant will be receiving customers from all over the world. The menus will therefore at least clover a wider part of the world to invite customers all over. The website will also include the services provided to the customers. For instance, there will be arrangements for transport for the international customers who may be visiting the country. Other services that will be communicated to the customers are the accommodation. Again, it is very important to assure customers a secure accommodation to encourage them to visit the restaurant.

Competitive advantage of the proposed restaurant

One of the main advantages of this new restaurant over its competitors is the fact that the restaurant is new and therefore has an opportunity to build a good picture at the eye of the public. It is therefore very easy for the new restaurant to grow at a higher rate than those that have already been established. David and Lake observed that competitive advantage is achieved when the customers realize that they get higher quality services from a particular business which they may not be able to enjoy from other businesses (33). The restaurant will employ chefs from different regions to ensure that the dishes made are genuine. This is aimed at maximizing customer satisfaction. This will be an advantage over other restaurants that employs local chefs to prepare international dishes. A training program is also going to be carried out to train the available chefs to prepare all types of international dishes.


In conclusion, the above discussion has provided a clearly detailed plan of an E-Business restaurant plan. This plan has taken into account the limitation of resources and can therefore be favorable for any investor despite of fund constraints.

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