Fire Prevention: “State Institutions That Make the Greatest Contribution to Extinguishing Fires”

The United States Fire Administration “programs to prevent and mitigate the consequences of fire are divided into four basic areas: public education, training, technology, and data.” (USFA Organization, 2006) To effectively provide the public with education relating to fire safety the USFA develops partnerships with other agencies and uses different methods to reach different segments. All the research it carries out is provided to other local and private agencies that need it.

It uses the media as a vehicle to reach the specific target audiences who need to learn more about fire safety. (USFA Organization, 2006) Understanding the importance of media in this century and utilizing it effectively is one of the strong points of USFA. Media reaches out to a mass audience and does not limit the exposure to people who would read periodicals, journals, or take safety courses. Using the media to achieve a goal in fire prevention is an immense achievement because it is a vehicle that can truly bring change and the USFA does that.

The ATF is the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives with a vision to “protect the public, provide leadership and expertise, and achieve new levels of effectiveness and teamwork.” (About ATF) Although the main mission of ATF is to prevent illegal activities about drugs, alcohol, and firearms a big part of the organization is to educate people about fireworks, a leading cause of fires. The ATF helps eliminate the intentional causes of fire such as arson and dangerous weapons and firework devices. Accidents are always waiting to happen and alcohol abuse, especially illegal aids a lot of them. The ATF helps prevent some of the reasons that cause fires and increase education about dangerous devices that can cause death.


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