The National Fire Protection Assocation as a Leading Professional Organiztion

The National Fire Protection Association is a nonprofit organization with a mission to “reduce the burden of fire on the quality of life by advocating scientifically-based consensus codes and standards, research, and education for fire and related safety issues.” (NFPA Most Popular) This Association is a leading professional organization because of its dedication to fire prevention measures and has developed many internationally standardized codes.

The Life Safety Code has been recognized worldwide and it outlines the rules and regulations related to buildings and construction-related sites. This code is quite popular because it minimizes all the steps to fire prevention and makes the rules easy to understand and follow. The National Electric Code outlines methods for safely handling electrical equipment and installation in different kinds of properties. (Purpura, 2007, p. 212)

The NFPA is a public service association and carries out many tasks and events to educate the public about fire safety. It has certification programs that include “certified fire protection specialist, certified fire inspector, and certified fire plans examiner.” (Purpura, 2007, p. 212) The Association also researches the different aspects of fire hazards and safety to develop better codes. Purpura, 2007, p. 212)

The NFPA is recognized as a leading professional organization because of a universal mission statement that they try to accomplish in every way possible. They have significantly reduced the “burden of fire on the quality of life” by giving the world standardized codes that will help prevent hazards. They have continuously conducted research which can sometimes be accessed through their periodicals and paved new paths in achieving fire safety.


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