Business, Economic, Social, Political and Written Communication Status in Canada


Starting up businesses in Canada will be a good idea because it is an industrialized country with a very active business environment arising from Canadian’s interactive culture. The country’s business industry mainly centers on the production of oil and gas hence, setting up machinery and hardware tools business will perform perfectly. Therefore, it will be beneficial for our country’s companies to learn and adapt the Canadian culture in order to attract many customers.

The major businesses in Canada lie in the gas and oil sectors but the Canadian government is discouraging such process. They believe the businesses investments need cuts on tax. This has made Canada to have interest in strengthening its economy through supporting international markets, consequently, when our companies supply their products to Canada, we will increase our sales volume because their demands will be high. Canada is equally a good business target because it considers a business as an organization. This will benefit most companies in the country (Hale 3).

Economic condition

The Canada’s manufacturing and export sectors are very delicate since they offer jobs, improves skills, ideas and experience to the youths. Canada is always entering into trade agreements with dissimilar countries; therefore, when they agree to provide offers, its economic status will improve. These sectors are relevant to the development of the economy. The rate of unemployment is high making the Canadian government to advocate for more investment in order to create job opportunities. The main businesses that dominate Canada are the oil and gas sectors; therefore, introducing our machinery industry will enjoy a broader market. Canada has determination in fascinating many investors in order to increase their economic growth, which is more advantageous to the country because it will be easy to enter the market (Hale 34).

Cultural conditions

Canada has dissimilar regions, which make it hard for the country to come up with one national communication language. In addition, regionalism has made the country to adopt different cultures. This has made businesspeople to adopt a specific communication method; for example, they use polite, informal and tolerant languages when communication in business transactions. Canadian cultures are very diplomatic and in case of disagreements, they know how to handle such situations in a modest and diplomatic manner. Therefore, it will be necessary for our businesspeople to learn their communication styles in order to develop and increase production in businesses (Hale 57).

Social conditions

Canada’s population is approximately 30 million people, considered a very small population. This population contains different cultures, which resulted from immigration of people making English to be their commonly used language, then French and Italian, which makes communications during businesses to be easier. There is no racial discrimination in Canada, which encourages business among dissimilar races to take place. Therefore, this is a very motivating factor to our country to startup businesses in Canada (Hale 59).

Written Communication

Written communication is very important in any form of businesses because it helps the businesses while completing verbal business agreements. In Canada, many business tractions undergo this process, which will be useful to our businesses because we will keep our communication records.

Political conditions

Since the 19th century, foreign investment in Canada is easy because foreigners who are capable of investing at least $150 000 in Canada for a period of three years meet the requirements to be Canadian Citizens. Therefore, this is more advantageous to our companies opening up a business in Canada, as the opportunities for business growth are more. Our companies will also benefit when they become citizenship of Canada because the policies protects domestic producers compared to foreign investors (Hale 99).

Work Cited

Hale, Geoffrey. Uneasy partnership: The politics of business and government in Canada. Peterborough, Ont: Broadview Press, 2006.

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