A Strategic Analysis of the United Arab Emirates Airlines

The United Arab Emirates has different organizations all over the globe. Emirates airline is one of the companies that began in 1985 with only two aircraft (Al Saed, Upadhya, & Saleh, 2020). Over the years, fly emirates have grown enormously, with A380s and 777s (Al Saed et al., 2020). Emirates is globally known, its hub being Dubai. Emirates operates in more than 80 countries and over 155 airports across the globe. In 2020 emirates has been boasting 270 aircraft (Al Saed et al., 2020).

It is the largest in the Middle East and the 4th largest globally (Al Saed et al., 2020). To maintain international standards, Emirates is focused on providing the best luxury class and having essential services for the customers. Various companies have also focused on ways of improving their performance. This paper discusses the SWOT analysis of Emirates Airlines since it is one of the approaches that can be practiced to enhance the performance of the organization.


Dubai is a tourist attraction center, and it is among the leading destinations in the world. The image of the city has played a great role in brand recognition. The city has also contributed to the development of many organizations (Sushil & Tandon, 2019). For instance, Emirates Airlines is one of the organizations that have benefited from the development of Dubai. Brand recognition is one of the corporation’s strengths since many people have used their fights in different regions. Moreover, customer verification of the airline has impacted its marketing and has enabled it to be one of the leading airlines in the world. Emirates airlines offer cargo and shipping services, and it provides one of the best customer services (Sushil & Tandon, 2019). Competition is one of the challenges that impact the company. Nonetheless, tourist attraction centers, good customer service, and discounts have led to the popularity of the organization.

Emirates sponsorship with some of the famous football clubs in the world such as arsenal, Paris- Saint-German, real Madrid, and Ac Milan has also led to its brand recognition. Emirates has also partnered with the Asian football club, which shows that it has plans for expanding its market to cope with the competitive environments from other airlines. Thus, popularity is a significant strength of the organization.


Negative allegations lead to loss of customers hence leading to losses and a bad reputation. Several accusations have led to negative thoughts towards the organization. Charges such as the allegation of the airline not paying its due taxes have left a negative remark towards the people. Emirates airlines also experienced a decline in performance after it terminated some of its routes in places such as ad Los Angeles (Sushil Jha & Tandon, 2019). Thus, the accusations have primarily impacted the organization, and the company should focus on limiting the weaknesses to become more productive.


Emirates has operated in many countries globally and is recognized by numerous individuals. Therefore, the company can expand its destinations in the USA and other countries with many customers. Due to the competition in the market, they can advance their services to attract more clients (Alshubaily, 2017). Moreover, the approach can help the company acquire more customers in the United States and focus on double flights. Increment in international flights can also help them gain more popularity worldwide. The emergence of Al Maktoum international airport has helped in unlocking growth in the area. Therefore, these opportunities can help the organization become more profitable.


The emergence of new airlines has increased competition in many counties. Emirates faces rivalry from airlines such as Etihad, Qatar Airways, and Turkish Airlines. Airline such as Turkish airlines are competitors of emirates due to their population (Sushil Jha & Tandon 2019). UAE has few people compared to Turkey that has a large population. Thus, more people are aware of Turkish Airlines and are likely to use the services due to brand recognition. Terror threats and conflicts in the Middle East have also affected the business. Countries such as Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan have experienced various attacks. Consequently, these issues affect the travel and tourism sectors, and few customers fly due to insecurity. The prices of flights have also increased due to the risk they take to fly to such countries, leading to decreased revenues.

Strategic Ideas

Formulation of new strategies in a business tends to focus on how they will reduce the incurrence of losses, threats encountered, and taking advantage of the opportunities. Lowering costs is one strategy; due to low shipping prices, the company may undergo some losses. However, it can attract more customers and lead to more profits (Alanezi & Al-Zahrani, 2020). Therefore, the organization can ensure that it focuses on pricing as one of the ways to attract more customers.

Emirates should provide positive publicity to encourage more clients to use its services. For instance, since they receive a lot of positive feedback from people on social media, they can take advantage to advertise their achievements. Many companies have also used advertisements to ensure that they increase their market share. Promotions increase sales and profits since it will help in strengthening the customer base and market share as the advertisement reach a large audience. Therefore, the company can ensure that it focuses on pricing and promoting its services to improve its competitive advantage.


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