Technology and Management Functions


Marketing is an important part of a business; there are companies that specialize in marketing products of other companies. I am lucky to have had an experience with Krow Communications. It is marketing cum Communication Company situated in the United Kingdom that offers these services to other countries. In its processes, it has embraced computerized marketing to reach a wide variety of customers. This paper discuses the use and need for computerization in this company, it will analyze the current tools used.

As the world evolves in the computer world, there is the need for an organization to align with the changes. The more an organization adopt new and right technology, it will have a competitive advantage over the other players in the same sector. To effect/ adopt new technology, it takes deliberate managerial decision to effectively put it in place. It is via a planned change. The nature human beings is that they repel change and thus to adopt the new technology, there is the need for the management to have a well constituted change platform.

Importance of Using Computers in Marketing

The business world is a dynamic environment that is affected by the changes in the environment that they are in. It is affected by the technological development in the sector as well as on the competitor’s level of technological adoption. There are various advantages that come with adopting the right technology for the right job, they include; efficiency in terms of cost and the time required doing business. Efficiency has its advantages that it brings with in the business. They range from customer satisfaction that leads to customer loyalty. Computers are reliable management tools that the management can use to control the businesses that they are managing. There are programs that can be adopted and assist the top management on when to make which decision. They include stock control packages. The time to adopt a new technology is always the shortest time possible after the invention or improvement of the current one. An aggressive company is the one that adopts a better way of doing things (technology) early enough to have gained from it before the competitors adopt it. In the last century, the world embarked on massive computerization and each country was having a program of computerization. With the development of the computers, there was the internet that was developed to meet the goal of making the world a global village. Almost each company whether profit making or nonprofit making, countries embassies, and local governments are having a website that gives information (that is meant for public consumption) about the organization. The individuals are not left behind, almost everybody, especially the youth, who are computer literate have an email address.

There is the growth of social media that have been used as networking tools among the youth. Companies and other organizations are also subscribing as members to these networks. They are not limited to space and distance, as far as you have internet access you can as well contact the information that is found in this social net works. They include Face book and twitter among others. The business world is one of the major sectors that benefited from this technological advancement. There are new ways of doing business. The young population is highly growing and has adopted the new technology with a lot of ease. One way of reaching this market must in one way or the other have to involve the computer world. Advertising and marketing are the traditional way that businesses have utilized in their effort to expand their market. When a product has been introduced to the market, then it follows that there must be ways that the target market segment have to be made aware. The same is used when trying to expand the market of a product. These two methods only change the way that they are conducted, but have been there since the development of business. They range from word of mouth, print media, and the radio advertisement and currently there is the internet advertising that is threatening the other old way of advertising. These developments are in the efforts to reach even more market, however the advantages that the advertising method has brought itself with is making it move in a fast way (Kotler & Lane, 2009).

Current Position

Search Engine

The company uses search Engines. This is created from the angle of thinking that the customer knows what he want. In this marketing strategy, the user looks at what he thinks fits him. The work of the marketer or the advertiser is to ensure that when the customer is searching, he will see the products that he is selling. Some of these soft wares are Google and Yahoo search. There is the use of key words in the technology that is adapted here. What the customer will need to do is just key in a word of search and he can get the required information. The customer can search for a relevant area and facilitate a personalized kind of marketing. The personalized means of marketing gives the customers the free will to control what he will consume.

Online Media Buying and Planning

This involves the use of internet, not only to create awareness but to offer a negotiation table for the product. This has been used more in the sale of cars. For example by using Japan cars website, a customer all over the world can get a chance to view all the details that the vehicle he wants to buy has. These include even seeing the inside, feature that cannot be attained by the use of traditional advertising methods.

This reduces the expenses in two ways. The customer has the choice of variety by the click of a button; this reduces the hassle of going to the market looking for the commodity but can even do it at home. The cost in terms of time and money that he would have used in the shopping is saved. On the other hand, the marketer gets access to a wide range of the market; global market at minimal costs, the costs of displaying the commodity is far cheap compared to the traditional one (Joshi, 2005). The trader does not need to make physical selling outlets or shops all over the world but all he needs is to display the goods over the internet. The problems that are associated with managing a large workforce are thus reduced. The efficiency that comes with this advertising method also comes in place; this is because by the click of a button the required information will be gotten. The purchase has seen the integration of the banking sector that has allowed that payment for a far country can be made in another.

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