Health Care Risk Management: Accreditation

Health care risk management encompasses the clinical systems of administration processes and the reports used to monitor, assess, and prevent any potential risks. Health care organizations actively and constantly work to safeguard their patients’ safety, the organization’s valuables, brand value, accreditation, and standing with the community. Accreditation is a volunteer program funded by a non-governmental organization where trained peer reviewers assess a healthcare institution’s compliance, comparing it to established performance standards.

Regulations are rules to be followed by a health care organization, while accreditations are a seal of approval that the organization has met all the required standards of operations. The health care sector is among the most dynamic business culture driven by a population that expands continuously, the need for quality services, and the ever-present burden of chronic conditions that require extensive care. Regulations help assert the government’s authority in checking and monitoring the quality of health care offered.

Accreditation is a health care risk management that ensures that a quality index for health consumers is attained and maintained. Some identified benefits of regulatory and accreditation include boosting patients’ safety in the healthcare facilities by handling and mitigating safety and any related clinical risk (Melo, 2016). Accreditation ensures that a level of quality from health care providers provides a helpful structure for creating and implementing a system aimed at improving and enhancing positive health outcomes. Regulatory and accreditation are proactive methods used by healthcare providers in their risk management approach, creating a safe environment for both patients and health officers in a health facility while also reducing mistakes that ate likely to occur.


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