Assessments of Case Studies – Custom Vitamins and Supplements

The situation may be decided in several ways, but my recommendation is to ring Roseanne Hester up and explain that the automatic refill is a service that can be refused, and the notifications are provided on the website. It was definitely not the company’s fault that she ignored messages. It is possible to explain to her that 20% off is a lot, and that it is all that company may do. Anyway, in spite of her decision, company is very glad that Roseanne Hester used their services. The improvement of notification system on the website may lead to the reduction of use of the refill program. People who use our company know its specifics and are not going to refuse from the company only because of their friend’s mistake in ordering the product.

Digital Depot

Digital Depot suffered some difficult times and to increase purchases offer discounts to patrons. The Christmas campaign was directed on sale, and the ads were put in the store windows and in the local Wednesday newspaper. As for me, there are several mistakes in the promotion strategy. First is the discount, which is given to patrons, who are already its client. More attention should be paid to find new clients, for example a 5% discount with the opportunity to increase it (stocker system) for any new client, without considering the cost of the purchase. Focusing on the Christmas campaign, the Wednesday newspaper is not the best variant to attract customers, as it has a low range of readers. Leaflets with the amount of discount are the better variant.

Specialty Timber Company

Considering the situation and evaluating the offer of Ken Rivers from Horizon Mfg.Co., who provides a great opportunity to lower the costs, it would be a good decision to accept the offer. At the same time there is no demand to drop lumber sales, as these two affairs may be provided parallel. A good advertising campaign about a new sphere of work of Specialty Timber Company may bring new clients to the lumber sphere. Moreover, the opportunity to buy windows, raised panel doors and accessories at a low price may bring back the old customers of lumber products, which shifted to the competitors.

Healthy water, Inc

The current consideration of the Manish Krishna is the increase in the sales. Human resources are the main contributors in the sales sphere, as the system which is used to purify water is the best in the region, so there are no companies that can be serious competitors. Manish Krishna thinks about hiring more extra people who will be also providing the sales. It is not so good variant. Manish Krishna should pay more attention to the people who have been already working as they know the specifics of the work and have already obtained some skills. The training programs should be provided to increase the sale rates.

Providing the local-oriented site could be great (and profitable) to include the online purchases from the nearest shops. The extra income from the advertising of the shop and the increasing interest of the clients is a great start. One more strategy is to offer free test access to the services of the site and provide advertising of her site on other sites with the aim to interest clients. Her financial idea to earn $30,000 a year is not so difficult to achieve. This means $2500 a month, and with $20 a membership fee it is 125 new members a month, that is without the income from the advertisements on the site.

Recreation Universe

The main idea of Mike Kidd’s strategy is to broaden the line of products in order to vary the range. The strategy is rather successful, but Mike pays too much attention to broadening the line, rather than rooting it in the market. The new offer with mountain bikes is rather attractive, but I would not advise you to accept it. The reason is that the broadening of the product line, extra labor will be necessary and it leads to extra expenses. It could be better for Mike’s company to make his present products demandable on the market, to increase their sales and then to broaden the range

Global Materials, Inc.

The fresh ideas which were directed on Crossfire are very productive as when the customer takes part in the producing process a lot of problems maybe avoid. The customer tells his/her desires and follows the producing process, which excludes the mistake which may disappoint the customer. Greg Donaldson’s desire to change the promotion strategies of the company should be supported. Taking into consideration the suppliers of the Crossfire, it is better to mention that the strategy of the customers’ participation in the process is a good idea. It is my idea that different customers should be treated differently. The patrons and huge companies, who order a huge amount of product, must be allowed to take part in the process, but those who are the first time client should be left without this opportunity. It takes too much time to meet all customers’ requirements.

Valley Furniture

Considering the Dora Abila’s point of view and her salespeople, it may be concluded that they both are right to some extend. Dora Abila is right that every customer should be treated specially, but it does not mean that they should be helped with making decisions. The role of the salespeople is to advise, to offer the whole range of the products and to answer the questions. People do not like to be imposed and it should be their decision what to choose. Customers may be provided with the salespeople’s opinion only in the case when the customer asks for it, in other cases people do not like to receive advice. People must be treated individually, as different people have different opinions, characters and to find the way to the person is the main task for every salesperson.

Custom Wire

Focusing on the sale price of the shoe rack, a lot of factors should be taken into consideration. The manufacturing cost (direct expense) is the basis for the price level. The other indirect expenses should be also counted and included in the price. The profit should also be gained, and the time for improving the shoe rack should be counted. Taking into consideration, that the manufacturing costs of the black shoe rack are 2.80 and of chromed – 3.60, the time and labor involved in the process of the development and the innovation in the sphere, the black one should cost about $11, and chromed for about $15. Such price policy will give an opportunity to cover the expenses in nearest future and provide some edition discounts.

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