What Caused the Gulf War?


Iraq caused the Gulf war in the year 1990 since it invaded Kuwait so that it could have access and also control oil wealth. It was out of this invasion of Iraq attacking Kuwait so that it could posses the oil wealth which led the United States country plus other Arab states to get involved in to the war so that it could throw Iraq out and also at the same time control the war. So the Gulf war in this case was caused by Saddam Hussein greedy for oil. You find that during his reign as a president of Iraq, he ruled Iraq in quite a rude way whereby the country was involved in so many wars and an example is the Iran-Iraq war. It was during this particular war that Iraq incurred so many debts from the Western Europe when financing the war.

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It was an expensive war which required sophisticated weapons plus trained army which could fight the war so in this case, as a result of financing this war, Iraq encountered huge debts in the process of repaying these debts, Saddam Hussein wanted to get wealth from the Kuwait oil hence leading to the Gulf war between Iraq and Kuwait over the oil deposit at Kuwait. Also it was during the same time when Saddam Hussein also noticed that Kuwait had also extended its quota which was set out by the OPEC agreement hence meaning that the price of oil for this case went down. The world prices for oil in this case went down and it was the only revenue which could be got by the Iraq country but in this case, it could get less revenue from the low price for oil by Kuwait hence Iraq lost a lot of money from this. Iraq at the same time did not even have access to the Persian Gulf which would be quite appropriate for Iraq to export and also import goods from other countries. It was due to these inconveniences that Saddam saw Kuwait as rogue providence hence started disliking Kuwait leading to the Gulf war between the two countries. Iraq saw that Kuwait was stealing oil from the oil rich Basra area. (Adams, 2000).

What were the successes and failures of operation Desert Storm?

On the morning of August 2, 1990, when the Iraq republican invaded Kuwait and also seized for control over the country, the United States responded to this war by sending the operation desert storm so that it could deter any invasion to the Kuwait’s oil. The operation desert storm was an air and land operation by the United States which is referred to this conflict. After the start of the Gulf war, George W. Bush sent the Operation desert storm, were sent to Saudi Arabia while at the same time, the united states could be seen urging other countries so that they could sent their own forces to stop the war hence leading to the sent of forces by twelve countries to Saudi Arabia. It was out of this force that the war was ended. The operation desert storm had so many effects during the war in that it led so many killings of people. IT was during the Gulf war that US sent the operation desert storm to Iraq so that it could throw Iraq out of the war. So it was during this operation that so many people died. It resulted in to a war head kill since so many patriots and were killed. The operation desert storm/shield had also success to the Gulf war in that it targeted the Iraq vessels which were destroyed during this particular war hence leading to the end of the war. The Operation Desert Storm also provided support for the eastern Mediterranean Sea, the red sea, the Persian and the Gulf of Oman hence preventing most of the Iraq army from entering Kuwait. It was as a result of these Operation desert storms that the war could end. (Al-rumaihi, 1990).

What crises emerged after saddam was dislodged from Kuwait?

After Saddam was dislodged from Kuwait, there were so many crises which emerged and one of the crises was the oil crisis. Conflicts started after the end of the war since there was no trade which could take place between the two countries. So the economy of Iraq went down so much plus the world prices of oil still went down hence leading to the economic and the political instabilities in Iraq. (Amoss, 2000).


The Gulf war is one of the known wars which lad the United States plus other UN countries to get involved in to the war due to the poor leadership of Saddam Hussein. It was during his rain that Iraq underwent so many political instabilities due to the many wars in which it was involved in. The assassination of saddam led the country in to a great victory since it was now under new leadership.


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