To Which Galaxy Do We Belong?


And finally the scientists have announced that we don’t belong to our mother Milky Way! We are aliens! Of course, had we not been aliens then we wouldn’t have been able to survive this planet’s life, could we? This also leads us to the fact that scientists have been able to determine whether there are other species in our galaxy or not. There is quite some significant evidence that there might be other species living with us in this galaxy, along with us, of which we haven’t been able to find out earlier. Once we do, we might have to build relationships with them just in case their galaxy decides to take over our galaxy and turn on its powers on us. 1

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The Sun, moon and all the planets actually belong to this strange formation, called Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy. And this is the galaxy that we live in and we should appreciate this little fact that this galaxy has helped us survive when other galaxies could have eaten us up so easily. Other galaxies in this universe are far more powerful and extremely dangerous because of their ability toe easily eat up others. There is some significant amount of evidence that we could be eaten up by other galaxies that are more powerful and stronger than us. In fact, the evidences gathered from the survey of galaxy under the Two-Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS), proves that Milky Way has consumed one of its neighbors during the process of galactic cannibalism. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

This should have led this Milky Way to become a galaxy of its own, we should just wait for the day when it will be called the Milky Way Galaxy or some other funky named galaxy of its own.2 There was an infrared survey of the entire galaxy, apparently the best way to reach to identify the technicalities. It helped us understand the ways Milky Way has behaved over the light years, taking over other galaxies and planets. Had another option been used to take a survey, it would not have been enough to cover the entire galaxy and we would have missed out on important survey answers from every species and person.3

The process happened billions of years ago and scientists have finally put all the evidencing trails together. This has finally helped us in understanding the various processes and changes taking place to our galaxy and the ones around us. Additionally, our galaxy has changed so much, it would be so much better if our galaxy also merged with the Milky Way and we met up with other aliens around the solar systems.

Figure 1 is a picture of the galaxy with such beautiful colors of red, blue and yellow. This Infra Red digital survey picture shows that our solar system (the yellow spot) is at the very junction where the two galaxies meet. It was long while back in 1994 that the British reams had discovered the hint about this nearest satellite galaxy and tried to understand what this yellow spot meant. Now they have finally understood that this Milky Way has absorbed within self the various galaxies and planets around it to become a mini solar system of its own and has enough capability to become an entire universe all by its own.

The Study published in Astrophysical Journal 2, provided the first link of the chain of events taking place in the universe. It shows visuals of Sagittarius galaxy, which is seen to be 10,000 times smaller than Milky Way. This suggests that we, the aliens, now will have to combat the massive Milky Way powers4. However, we could work hard to merge our powers with Milky Way and create a better, more powerful galaxy in the entire of universe and then proceed to take over with other galaxies, and maybe compete with other universes as well. The powers which are stronger and can cause changes to happen any time any way. Not only this, it shows images which illustrate how this galaxy’s debris makes its way through Milky Way.

Apparently the debris is created because our gigantic galaxy’s stronger gravitational forces have worn the smaller one into trail of shredded stars. Figure 2 shows the picture of “Fossil” remnants of satellite galaxies that have collided with Milky Way and now remain as trails of shredded stars. These beautiful trails are something we should be jealous about, as they look really stupendous in pictures and we do not have such trails in our own galaxy.

Steven Majewski, Professor of Astronomy, U.Va. quoted: “It’s clear who the bully in the interaction is”.5 With the usage of such infrared maps, the scientists have specifically focused on a star called M giant. Such numerous stars are in the Sagittarius galaxy unlike our galaxy. Consequently we can safely say that our galaxy is a dwarf and does not contain the various trails and stars that other giant galaxies contain like the Sagittarius galaxy. Therefore, it proves that we all belong to this strange galaxy called Sagittarius Dwarf6.

The sky map in figure 4, shows the picture of a galaxy which is in the process joining the Milky Way. This will make the Milky Way another big galaxy which has the powers of absorbing various galaxies within itself through its strong gravitational powers. The all famous Majewski gave his verdict that that Milky Way has stolen the stars and its clusters from Sagittarius as its gravitational force is far more than of Sagittarius. This also indicates that the Milky Way might have a powerful force to absorb other galaxies in it and become a bigger and stronger galaxy all by its own. It would also eat up our dwarf galaxy and kill us all.

The Milky Way nibbled away at its dwarf companion. This one vivid example shows that the Milky Way grows by eating its smaller neighbors7. During the study it was also found that the shape of debris of this new galaxy shows that surprisingly the unseen dark matter of Milky Way is in a spherical distribution.


Most scientists suggest that this union is the cause behind the various changes in our system 8. The unexpected visibility of many strange dark spots on Pluto9, alterations in the intensity of light on Neptune and more has the same cause. Thus they further say that now the poor Earth inhabitants will have to face the expected changes on almost every level of energy and face the threat of being taken over by the other galaxies and planets and being turned into a moon. You never know, it might just happen!10.


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