Services of Johns Hopkins Hospital


The hospital was started in 1889, and from since, it has been carrying the roles of teaching, research work and patient care. Among the operations include patient care and training and research. The institution and the country have greatly been transformed since teaching started after the opening of school of medicine, in the institution. Research work has also greatly improved as a result of the medicine school promoting much discovery in the sector. Sharing of ideas across al disciplines in the hospital has been encouraged, and this has rendered the hospital to gain a competitive advantage over others.

Types of Services at Johns Hopkins Hospital

Issues such as care for the elderly have arisen in the healthcare system today. With aging workforce, the United States has been faced with shortage of staff among other challenges (Center for Health Workforce Studies, 2006).The hospital offers nursing and treatment to inpatient and outpatient and this promotes assurance of all time response to diagnosed people.

One of the operations of the Johns Hopkins Hospital has been outpatient care. Outpatient in this case refers to the patients whom their treatment is met and they leave the hospital the very day while the ones who receive admission at the hospital becomes the inpatient. Health care services are prevalent in this institution and this helps to improve the sector of medicine and also reduces the cost of treatment. Home care and community based health services the hospital provides, ensures that the old people in the society, also get the chance to stay a better life ensuring longer living.

Training is also done at the institution and this helps gather specialists in the field of medicine; qualified physicians taking part in home based health organizations of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Visitors are furnished with information by the patient representatives (Johns Hopkins Medicine, n.d.).

The hospital provides services such as Neurology and Neurosurgery through deep collaboration efforts. The hospital has played a key role in the medical study field for research purposes (Koch, M. & Priscilla, n.d.). Johns Hopkins has participated in the helping of patients in disaster areas such as during the Haiti incident through provision of staff (Johns Hopkins Medicine, 2010).

Types of Patients at Johns Hopkins Hospital

Different types of patient receive treatment varying from inpatient, outpatient and those that receive health care services still at their homes.

The Johns Hopkins Hospital currently receives patients in need of optimal treatments for bile duct cancer. Treatment that also involves tumors of both lobes of the liver, are also available. Patients with different Heart attach diseases are regular victims. Patients of exotic pathological conditions can also acquire assistance at the hospital (Koch, Woolley, n.d.).

How the Facility Has Responded To the Changing Trends in Health Care

The healthcare in the United States has been undergoing through many reforms, among them healthcare payment reform (Rienzi, 2009) and insurance coverage. The hospital has participated in the formulation of a proper policy in the United States concerning health care. Modern technology has led to many reforms in the sector of medicine, leading to the emergence of institutions and organizations covering people incase of serious illness. As such (Rienzi 2009) argues of people being covered by this institution in order to get assistance incases of high hospital bills. Creation of “Health Care Innovation Zones” that would rather lower the cost of offering health services and also ensure more people receive medical treatment and facilities,(Johns Hopkins Medicine, 2010).The hospital has also participated in the training of the next generation team that will deliver health care (Rienzi, 2009).


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