Performance Psychology. “They Did You Can” by Finnigan

The book They Did You Can… is a great possibility for a novice in sports affairs as well as in life prospects to achieve success faster than it may seem at once. In this respect the subject of The Powerful Three is about to be especially highlighted in the paper. It is a challenge for those who think of mere luckiness or its absence. The Powerful Three are those points that are appropriate to make a person understand elementary objectives to be reached in life.

Thus, the three features to be discovered are as follows:

  1. The Tree of Greatness;
  2. The Creation of Beliefs;
  3. The Brain’s Mighty Secret (Thomas 16).

The question is that a mature person should quickly estimate the combination of these three in terms of the process, since there is a great and vivid example of someone’s success. Generating ideas and beliefs to achieve suchlike greatness is the second step. Finally, the last one is concerned with the potential of brain.

The initial step is significant while a person evaluates his/her attitudes toward something. Later on an individual should decide on what he/she is the best at. At this point one should think over the things one wants to do. The next step is doing the best you can. Everything depends on what a person is doing at the moment and on how he/she is providing it. Hence, the way to succeed and shift all expectations of people surrounding a person is to use the power of mind actively and intensively.

Works cited

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