North Korea’s Future

Kim Jong-Un, the son of Kim Jong-Il, succeeded his father after his death, accepting the great responsibilities to be laid on him in ensuring the success of North Korea (Cheng 1). Regardless his age, Kim Jong-Un is obliged to maintain good relation that emanated between party veterans and military leaders during his father’s reign. For him to succeed, Kim Jong-Un has to adhere to the political lines in order to eliminate chances of making mistakes and incurring denigration from other parties and military leaders. The ruling team formed during the reign of his father has opted to provide him with enough political support in order for him to meet the demands of North Korea.

Reins of leadership

The possibility of domestic and foreign policy changes taking occurring in North Korea in the future depends entirely on the leadership of Kim Jong-Un. In addition to a peaceful international atmosphere, a free and fair economy will aid in catalyzing the existence of good relation of North Korea with the rest of the countries in the world. In enhancing cooperation with the rest of the world, North Korea will manage to boost its domestic development (Cheng 1).

Russia, China, and North Korea relation

The relationship of North Korea with some nations, such as Russia and China, has been in question for long that is why crucial steps are to be advanced towards bringing these nations together for the success of Kim Jong-Un in the running of North Korea. In order for these goals to be achieved, some changes are to be implemented towards denuclearizing North Korea. Denuclearization of North Korea will aid in making other countries desist from unfair condemnation of North Korea domestic and foreign policy. In addition, Russia and China have the responsibility of preaching good relation between North Korea and other nations, such as the United States and South Korea, in order for them to continue gaining some benefits from Korean Peninsula (Cheng 1)

Russia economic support

Despite the change in North Korea’s domestic politics, Russia prefers not to neglect North Korea for Asia; instead, as a stable country, it is supposed to come up with ways of reducing the tensions that exist between the two countries. For instance, Russia needs to come up with suggestions that will play crucial roles in ensuring that North Koreans enjoy their rights, at the same time minimizing the difficulties in relationship with the rest of the world.

I believe that relationship between North Korea and Russia or North Korea and China was not affected too much by the death of Kim Jong-II. Therefore, Russia and China should as well support Korea’s efforts in strengthening the power of the state. Moreover, the young leader may find it difficult to rule North Korea as nation (Cheng 1)

Economic cooperation

China, as North Korean biggest trading partner, has to continue importing its products to North Korea in order to withhold its economic status. On the other hand, Russia also opts to take part in boosting the economic cooperation with North Korea, and this is evident from the steps that have been taken towards building Russia-North Korea-South Korea pipeline. In addition, the gas pipeline project will play a crucial role in maintaining good relation between North Korea and South Korea.


In conclusion, Kim Jong-Un requires a lot of support worldwide to rule North Korea successfully. As a young leader, he should be provided with guidelines on how to maintain good relation with other nations for achieving success of North Korea and benefitting the country. Russia and China as the immediate trade partners of North Korea support North Korea not only politically, but also economically through ensuring free and sound trade between them.


Cheng, Yang. “North Korean Prospects under Kim Jong-Un.” Validai. 2012: 1. Web.

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