Managing Information Systems in Healthcare


Since information system has not penetrated that much into the healthcare industry. It has a vast scope for entry. Many organizations have developed and implemented the health care information systems. Fast growth of information systems in health care industries. The today information system will be managed so many health care organizations. Nowadays the doctors and hospitals are using information technology for recording the database of the patients for future purpose. If the patient comes again the doctor can refer to these database and will get the past patient history.

Challenges in managing information systems in healthcare

Managing information systems will be reducing medical errors. By using Information Technology the doctor who is performing the major surgery in a remote place can contact the doctors who have specialized in that type of surgery through video conferencing. Thus he can get accurate information and can perform surgery without error.

Health care information will be improving the operational capabilities of the health care departments because of the medical equipment. The information or data of peoples has to be searching fast and find out the accurate information. The health care information will be help full in admission and other health care activities. It improves the patient’s care. Using health care information systems has be quickly find out the each patient’s surgery and clinical details. (Armoni 2000, p. 2).

The patient’s safety is the important aspect of implementing and adopting the health care information systems. The information system will be affected and utilized in an accidental case of patient’s for the registration, consulting, reporting to the doctor and other medical process. Time will be very essential part of health care information systems. If there is any critical situation with the help of the information system we can transfer the information within a short time. (Kiel 2000).

The main role of system used in patient’s admission and billing and administrative process such as patient’s data transferring and calculating the medical payments in the time of discharging. The satisfaction of patient’s is very important for the usage of system. Application software is developed in healthcare information systems. The various types of the application software’s are “CAMD (Computer Aided Medical Diagnosis) and TELEEG (Tele Medical Software Package for EEG).” (Sloot, Buback and Hertzberger 1998, p. 64). The above software CAMD for using to detecting and patient’s current level of breast cancer. Application software is related with the help of visualization of the patient’s. (Sloot, Buback and Hertzberger 1998, p. 64).

HEWE is Health and Wellness Network. It is a health care service provider based in New-York. It has computerized its health care and billing departments. Recently many errors have crept in the patient’s records and this has lead to delays in processing insurance bills. This was discussed among the top executive officers to find out means to establish error free management information system. Naomi Dunn (Chief Executive Officer),Karen wood (vice president ,finance) and Keith Leibermann (Chief Information Officer) were the executive officers who took part in the delebarartions.


The CEO Naomi dunn says

Before merging a clinical system and a financial system it should give importance to cost efficiency. However merging is costly at its initial stage. But integrating key systems with financial systems independently in each hospital may cost higher maintenance cost.

According to the vice president finance

Before taking the decision of linking it has to look up about the similarities of the functions. As it reduces the costs. Even though outsourcing services are more expensive it can reduce the cost of implementing new applications. If it is in house maintenance it will have more confidence and data security, but it has more risk such as poor compliance and delay. We have to decide which more importance is.

According to Keith Liebermann (Chief Information Officer)

While filtering data consider factors such as time taken, cost, support person etc. Independent integration may be more expensive but it is viable to if each hospitals have different operational needs. At the system administration level outsourcing may create a few operational difficulties, as it is a large network

All the three officers have unanimously come to the conclusion that merging the clinical system and financial system is a time consuming process and should be carried out in stages. If we speed up the process sacrificing the quality errors are sure to creep in as in the present case.Since we are dealing with parameters dealing with health records of human beings utmost care should be taken.

Clinical cost Estimated cost($’000) Incurred cost($’000)
Nursing information system 480
Monitoring system 320
Order system 350
Laboratory system 380
Radiology system 540
Pharmacy system 400
Medical Records/Abstracting system 200
Total cost 0
Budget 1000

These seven system which form part of the clinical system should be linked to the financial system and their budget allocation are given above. Insurance coverage will form part of the financial system.


All clinical data cannot be linked to the financial system. Only relevant data need to be linked if not it will be a laborious and time consuming process.


So this high costly software’s are using in healthcare organization then that organization running smoothly. The main problem was using the system for application errors such as recording the data or information, software errors and service errors.

Many healthcare organizations developed in healthcare information systems. Using systems will be provided quality of service and instructions of the patient’s like Identify the trends of new healthcare programs or technologies like telemedical consulting and video conferencing. It means the patient will be sitting in united states and doctor is in England then the specialized doctor was checking and consulting patient in the medium a of system. The healthcare information system is keeping the secrecy and privacy of individual patient’s. So every country will provide more importance to healthcare information system development activities.


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