Windex Supermarket’s Communication Strategy


Effective communication is essential in the implementation of the desired change within the organization thus leading to the achievement of the desired goal (‘Designing a communication strategy, n.d, p.1). In the 21st century, there is the emergence of the knowledge age. In this age, communication is paramount in ensuring that knowledge is harnessed within the business environment. In relation to change initiative, communication enables the parties who will be affected by the change either directly or indirectly to become aware of the intended change. This means that it will be possible to eliminate the doubts among the stakeholders and put more emphasis on planning for the desired change. Therefore communication will raise increase the visibility of the change succeeding.

The management of Windex supermarket has to ensure that it develops an effective communication strategy. Communication strategy refers to a well-defined set of actions that are aimed at attaining a specific objective through various communication methods, approaches, and techniques (‘The foundations of effective communication strategy design’, 2009, 3). Developing a communication strategy will enable the management of Windex Supermarket to effectively implement the change since it will possible to control the change. The discussion of this paper relates to the various forms of communication that should be considered by the management of the firm in its communication strategy.

Communication to the internal stakeholders

Formal communication through the use intranet

The management of the firm should consider utilizing formal communication in its Customer Relationship Management communication strategy. One of the ways in which the management can implement this is through the use of its intranet system. This can be achieved by sending e-mails in the form of memorandums to the various departmental heads. The departmental heads should communicate the information to the lower-level employees by printing the memo and placing it on the organization’s notice board which should be strategically located. Communication through the intranet should be continuous according to the phases of implementing the CRM. Continuous issuing of the memo will ensure that the employees are aware of the progress in the implementation of CRM. In addition, the management should develop a common email address through which the employees can send their concerns to the project management team relating to the CRM. This will effectively integrate the concept of giving and take in communication.

Use of newsletters

In communicating to the shareholders, the management of the firm should incorporate the use of newsletters. A newsletter is a report that is issued to a special group of stakeholders periodically with the aim of informing them on a particular issue (‘Newsletter for shareholders’, 2007, p.1). Communication through the newsletter should be communicated to the shareholders before and after every stage of implementing the CRM. This will enable the shareholders to be constantly aware of the progress of the change initiative

Informal communication

Open forum

The management of Windex Supermarket should incorporate an open forum in the form of meetings in communicating the change to the employees. This will help in ensuring that there is a mutual understanding between the employees and the management with regard to the intended change. It will also enhance face-to-face communication in the firm. The open forum should be held before the strategy is rolled out. Considering the fact that Implementation of CRM will be conducted in phases, the management should open forums before every face. This will enable the management to identify the diverse employees’ viewpoints concerning the implementation of CRM. Upon implementing the CRM, the management of the firm should schedule a periodical employee open forum to discuss the progress of the CRM in the firm. Communicating through the use of open forums will enable the employees to feel appreciated in the process of implementing change in their organization.

Integrating works councils

Considering the fact that all the organization’s employees cannot be integrated into the planning necessary for the implementation of the CRM, the management of the firm should consider forming a works council. Works council refers to a committee that is composed of both the employer and employee representatives whose objective is to discuss issues that are of interest to the organization. The employee’s representatives can be the various departmental heads. The departmental heads should continuously consult with the employees regarding the CRM and in turn brief the management on the employee’s concerns.

Communication to the external stakeholders

Use of blogs

The management of the firm should also consider utilizing the current Information Communication Technology (ICT) tools in communicating to the customers (Collins, 2009).

The communication strategy adopted should ensure that there is effective interaction with the customers. One of the ways in which this can be achieved is through the use of blogs which should be integrated into the company’s website. The blog will ensure that there is effective communication with the consumers. This is due to the fact that it will enable interactive communication between the management and the consumers. The consumers will be able to raise their concerns in relation to the CRM giving the management a chance to clarify. Through blog as a social networking tool, the management will be able to integrate the concept of giving and take in its communication strategy (Stuart, 1994).

Use of mass media

In addition, the management of the firm should consider using various mass communication methods in communicating with the customers. This can be achieved by posting an informative advertisement in the various local newspapers, magazines, television, and the radio. The advertisement should entail the benefits that the customers will achieve upon the organization implementing CRM in its operation.


For the management of Windex supermarket to effectively implement the CRM strategy in the firm, it should develop an effective communication strategy. The communication strategy should consider the various stakeholders. Various forms of communication should be considered to ensure that there is consensus between the management and the stakeholders in the implementation of the CRM. In communicating the employees as internal parties, the management should consider both formal and informal methods of communication. Formal methods of communication should be conducted through the use of internal memorandums through the organization’s intranet system. On the other hand, informal communication should entail the use of open forums and works councils. These will enhance face-to-face communication. The use of newsletters should be considered in communicating to the organization’s shareholders. Newsletters and memos should be issued continuously according to the various phases of implementing the CRM.

The communication strategy should also consider customers as the external parties. Various methods of communication should be considered. These include the use of mass communication methods such as the radio, television, and print media. Information Communication Technology should also be considered in the communication strategy through the use of emerging social communication networks such as blogs. The use of intranet communication and blogs will ensure that there is give and take or interactive communication.


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