Walt Disney Company’s Operations in Media Industries

Walt Disney Company is a leading diversified international family entertainment with major operations in studio entertainment, media works, parks and resorts, and consumer products. Studio entertainment includes producing and publishing motion pictures, music production, and live events, while Media works operations include domestic television stations, broadcast television networks, and radio networks (Walt Disney Company, 2021). Walt Disney Company also operates Disney vacation club, Disney cruise line, and parks and resorts. Consumer products include subscription services that provide live streaming of their general entertainment programs.

Walt Disney Company was started in 1923 by two brothers Roy Oliver and Walt Disney, as Disney Brothers Cartoon. Walter Disney was the key innovator in motion pictures in the Disney brother’s cartoons. Since then, the company has grown and diversified as one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world. Disney completed a move to purchase 21st-century fox, where it bought Fox Television creative units, 21st Century Fox film production businesses, Fox Networks Group International, National Geographic Partners, Star India, and FX Networks. The 21st-century deal also includes 39% of European pay pf SKY UK Limited and 30% interest in the Hulu video streaming service (Walt Disney Company, 2021). This is one of the significant acquisitions of Walt Disney Company.

Walt Disney is an independent company that has its government. Disney bought extensive land and then acquired legislation to run the property without government intervention (Weiner, 2018). Although a government board runs the whole company, it uses a democratic process of voting and elections to ensure that Walt Disney Company is free from the influence of government and private corporations. Disney Company also has a pattern behind its operations whereby it mostly focuses on family entertainment. Its content is made for general family viewing, whereby its main interest is in kid entertainment. My family, friends, and I have consumed various products from Disney companies, such as visiting Disneyland, watching Marvel movies, and Disney Channels, and buying Disney Toys.


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