Victoria’s Secret: The Marketing Strategy


In less than three decades, Victoria’s Secret became the most popular brand of “intimate apparel” in the world. The brand was created by “Roy Raymond” back in the 70’s. His idea was “taking ‘underwear’ of the time and turning it into fashion”. He wanted his new brand to be different from other brands in the market by creating a variety of shapes of lingerie. Victoria’s Secret is a brand that offers stylish lingerie for good prices. “Limited Brands” bought the company and turned it into what it is today (Chang, Lin and Mak 1). This essay will talk about three reasons that make people attracted to Victoria’s Secret brand with examples on each reason. The reasons are: the image of the brand in pop culture, the customer service and the marketing.

Reason One: The Image of the Victoria’s Secret Brand in the Media and Pop Culture

“Thousands of newspaper ads, catalogues, and televised fashion shows convince women that buying Victoria’s Secret products will boost their confidence and enhance their appeal. A Victoria’s Secret product represents fun, romance, fantasy, desire and love all in one”. The most powerful advertising tool for this company is “The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show”. The show is a very strong way of advertising inside the U.S because it is broadcasted by “nationwide broadcasting station CBS”. Also, about one billion people around the world watch this show. Victoria’s Secret gives away free catalogues to promote its new products. It sets a big budget for ads in magazines and newspapers. It focuses on famous fashion magazines like “Allure”. Victoria’s Secret is famous for its models too. “Victoria’s Secret chooses models with classic features who do not have exaggerated bosoms or particularly seductive auras” (Chang, Lin and Mak 3-5). Unlike many companies, Victoria’s Secret focuses on producing lingerie for “style” not for “comfort”. This concept attracts females who want products that make them look better for their spouses (Chang, Lin and Mak 9).

Reason Two: Friendly Customer Service

Victoria’s Secret provides services to the buyers at stores. Young customers can get help from “matronly ladies” in choosing lingerie (Chang, Lin and Mak 2). There are also the “Direct Client Contact Centers”. The operators there “not only assist callers with sizing and other concerns, but also talk about products in a manner that communicates the romance of the brand. They recommend complementary items or alternatives to products that are out of stock” (Chang, Lin and Mak 6).

Reason Three: Victoria’s Secret Marketing And Stores

Victoria’s Secret has a big number of stores and that means that Victoria’s Secret is easy to reach (Chang, Lin and Mak 7). The stores depend on “wallpaper hues of soft pink” as the essence of the feminine internal decorations (Chang, Lin and Mak 4). Victoria’s Secret was aware of the fact that some males may want to buy gifts for their female spouses. Most males are not ready to go shopping in a feminine lingerie store. Therefore, Victoria’s Secret gives its customers the ability to buy products through: 1. Website, “”. 2. The catalogue. 3. “Victoria’s Secret Direct”. Every Victoria’s Secret store collects information about sold products. After, that the store decides the allocation of every product (Chang, Lin and Mak 5-6).


With all the smart marketing strategies, Victoria’s Secret enjoys the biggest share of the intimate apparel market. The company’s profits reach $4 billion a year. It takes advantage of the image of lingerie created by the media (Chang, Lin and Mak 1).

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