United States Immigration Policies

The number of illegal immigrants into the United States has significantly increased during the last few decades. Illegal immigrants have not only threatened our nation’s security but, have also put a strain on the economy. If the United States government does not take control of the situation and come up with a new system to protect the nation from illegal immigrants, national security will be extremely vulnerable. Thus, a solution for this problem needs to be developed and implemented as soon as possible.

Reflecting on the situation in the United States, it is clear that a mix of effective policies is important to help accomplish such tasks as providing the U.S. economy with the immigrant labor it needs; reducing illegal immigration to the U.S., and controlling negative public opinion toward immigration.

First of all, to provide the U.S. economy with the immigrant labor it needs, the new program of providing legal status to young people who study or participate in military programs on the territory of the United States should be realized. It is known that the presidential administration has already started its work on this program, but I suggest realizing it soon as possible as this program seems to solve a variety of problems with U. S. immigration. For example, more than a million young people who are considered to be a potential workforce that is so needed for the country will receive a legal chance to stay in the United States and make a living.

Besides, the policies for illegal entry of immigrants and border security should be reformed with a new line of attack on how to keep gangs, drug lords, and human trafficking from entering the United States. The planning and implementation of these new policies could not be done alone and should not just rely on the United States but also on Canada and Mexico that are at the northern and southern borders. Without their support, to help secure illegal entry or exit within those countries will put a constant threat to national security which will promote terrorism. Working together to improve the immigration system and ensure the security of our borders will become apparent when drug, weapons, and human trafficking have decreased significantly.

As a final point, it should be stated that much needed improvement towards border security and homeland defense should always be at the top of the governments to do list. Even though the United States have spent over billions of dollars over the past couple of decades it is not well spent if it doesn’t deter illegal entry of immigrants into the United States or another terrorist attacks against our nation. A new policy developed during the current period of time by the administration of the President Obama seems to be of great value to improve the situation with the immigration problem because it will help young immigrants receive a legal status which will protect them from becoming a part of criminal structures developed to exploit illegal immigrants. I suggest finishing with developing and implementing this policy as soon as possible. In addition, as American people demonstrate their dissatisfaction with constantly continuing waves of immigration that cause considerable increase in the level of crime, it is important to implement the policies controlling immigrant’s activity to stop them organizing criminal gangs, and to do so together with Canada and Mexico.

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