Types of Advertising – Commercial and Political

Commercial Ads

It is a rather interesting matter to analyze the advertisements of different companies to find out the exact purposes of the company and its intended audience. We can say a lot of things about the company just having seen its ads and analyzed what they are created for. So, if we take a look at the advertisements of “Tide” which is called “Talking Stain” and three Mac advertisements by Apple, we can say the following about the purposes of the company and its intended audience.

Concerning the first advertisement, it is an unusual way of advertising the good that is bought mainly by women who are housewives. In this case, the main intended audience of the advertisement is young people who are not active buyers of this very powdered detergent. Thus, making this advertisement “Tide” plans to win a new audience and, consequently, new customers. The appeal of the advertisement is to the young people because the plot of the advertisement is the acquaintance of a young man and a young girl in a supermarket.

They met near the place where “Tide” was sold and the stain on the man’s shirt did not provide for his success as the girl ran away seeing the stain. In this case, the advertisement uses a situation that can relate to a majority of young men, and thus this advertisement makes men buy “Tide” if they do not want the same to happen to them.

The ads of Mac produced by Apple are directed at the more professionally specific audience, and namely at office workers. These ads are developed in a way that appeals to this part of the population because it touches on the main problems of the office work and suggests the ways to overcome them. The ads of Mac are created to show how sad the work and its results are with a usual PC and what progress can be made if one buys a Mac.

Political Ads

Political ads are a very specific matter because sometimes people who made better ads win the election and become those who decide the future of a nation or the whole world. Let us consider the “3 a.m.” ads by Clinton, Obama, and McCain to see their appeal to the intended audience and similarity of their ads to the one by Johnson in1964 called “Daisy”. Looking at the following ads by the US 2008 Presidential candidates we can make such conclusions.

Clinton’s ad is highly emotional and its intended audience is the women who have children and who are subject to the emotional influence of this kind. But, to my mind, the ethos is not quite created by the ad, as its parts are hardly connected. Many people claim that this ad took a lot from Johnson’s “Daisy”, but I consider Johnson’s ad to be much more emotional and effective in the election, though the idea of Clinton’s ad could have been borrowed from the “Daisy” and modified somehow. In “Daisy” an image of a child is used, in “3 a.m.” children as well; Johnson promised to provide security and a bright future for children, and so does Clinton, but Johnson’s ad impressed me personally much more.

As for Obama’s and McCain’s responses to Clinton’s ad, they seem to be even less successful, although both men became official candidates and Clinton dropped out. Obama’s ad is based on his protest against the war in Iraq, while McCain’s one tells about his ability to solve the economic problems of the USA. In my opinion, both ads make less impression and have less appeal than Clinton’s ad and of course Johnson’s classic political ad. The main difference between Johnson’s ad that helped him at the election and all others that no one remembers is that “Daisy” appealed to the whole nation and its future, while other ads are aimed at either politicians or economists or others but they do not unite the nation.

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