Trends and Issues in Nursing

Some many multifaceted issues and trends confront America’s nursing practitioners in the delivery of healthcare services. The issues that never seem to change include workforce staffing, nurse-to-patient ratios, and ever-increasing costs of healthcare. The demand for nursing services is steadily growing and it is estimated that by the year 2020 there will be at least 450000 fewer nurses to meet the demand.

Study shows that the nursing workforce is moving away from hospital intensive environment to non-patient care and other related less physically demanding roles. Traditionally, the nursing profession has been dominated by women. But in recent years fewer female students are shunning this profession for more lucrative opportunities in fields that were perceived to be male-dominated. McCloskey & Bulechek (2014) explains that the reason for the low enrollment includes a well-known heavy workload, inadequate wages, and a non-conducive working environment.

The most recent trend in healthcare that has led to the creation of employment opportunities for nurses beyond hospitals is the increase in the adoption of advanced non-invasive surgeries and wearable technologies.

The trend toward more outpatient treatments following technological advancements in noninvasive surgical treatments means that additional nurses are needed in the growing home health agencies. Home healthcare providers are also encouraging the aging population to remain at home, leading to an increase in demand for nurses to provide post-surgical care and administer medication for their patients.

Wearable devices fitted with biometric sensors such as smartwatches and fitness bands are being used by an increasing number of people as health activity monitors.

The use of such technologies has opened up a world of possibilities and has led to demand for unique nursing needs. More and more nurses are now needed to provide individualized and precise care for patients.


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