The United States Health Care System

It is inappropriate that health care costs are provided by a mix of private over public sources. For instance, Anderlini (2018) states that high costs of medical care services affect patients and the entire nation and can lead the system implosion because of the unsustainable economic burden. People have different views, and many would rather gain their health care services through a single-payer system over private source. However, they will have to pay anyway, either to private providers of health-care services or to the government through a tax system. Yet, it is essential to give citizens the right of choice, because many would prefer to pay increased taxes instead of being additionally charged for medical care services. As Anderlini (2018) reports, governmental health care system has been running in the world since 1292 B. C. The researcher emphasizes that workers had the right for paid sick days and free clinical treatment (Anderlini, 2018). Therefore, single-payer health care system is not experimental.

Single-payer health care system offers specific advantages over employer-provided coverage, care provided under the ACA, or privately purchased health insurance (Anderlini, 2018). First, it is easier for patients from financial point of view since they do not have to plan for unexpected expenses. Second, citizens have a crucial right of choice to apply to a public health organization instead of seeking medical services among private sources. Finally, patients with critical conditions do not have to waste time searching for a suitable private organization and directly apply to their public clinic, which can save lives in many cases. However, the points mentioned above do not belittle the usefulness of private health care organizations since they have their specific advantages as well.


Anderlini, D. (2018). The United States health care system is sick: From Adam Smith to overspecialization. Cureus, 10(5), 1-9.

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