The Tools of Cooperation and Change

The study is a discussion on the effective strategic ways that managers should use in their organization. In this essay, various issues have been brought forward regarding the management style that a manager should use to ensure effective management. I shall be discussing the various tools that the manager can use in managing an organization and how he can apply these tools. I will also give my own views on whether I agree with these issues and if so why I do agree. Other issues that I will be discussed, will be several strategies that managers can use to ensure cooperation in the organization, what is expected of the managers in their duties, and disaggregation in an organization.

They are various tools that a manager can use to ensure cooperation in the organization. These tools depended on the situation of the workers at the time and the level of agreement among the workers. One of the tools that can be used is the use of power referred to as the power tool in the essay. This can be used when the members of the organization do not reach a consensus with each other. The management is forced to use force and threats to control the members.

I do not agree with the use of this tool as a management tool. This is because it is the major cause of conflict in an organization. According to Edgar pg 47, the use of power tools can cause conflict in organizations leading to strikes among employees. The next tool that can be used is the management tool; it is aimed at coordination and processes. For this tool to be effective, there is a need for the group members to agree on the causes and effects of every action that they take.

This tool is considered the best tool to use in managing the employees. I do agree with the use of this tool since it brings about coordination among the employees. Cameron and green pg 140 indicate that the use of management tools in an organization makes employees active in the organization.

Sometimes the people in an organization may agree on one issue but disagree on how to achieve it the best tool to use here is the leadership tool. The management leads the way in achieving the intended goal. They are other companies that have got strong cultures that are very difficult to change. In this case, only the direction of this culture can be changed. The best tool for the managers to use here will be the culture tools. These are common tools that can be used in management. I do agree with the use of these tools because the type of management style to apply will depend on the conditions on the ground. Edgar pg 45 indicated that the managers are supposed to be adjustable in their management styles used.

The other issue that I am going to discuss is how the managers can apply these tools. The way the managers’ act will be dependent on how the employees react to several issues. It may be noted that when the employees have reached some agreement then there is no need for the managers to apply the power tool or force them to do what they do not want. These will nature good association between the staff and the management.

Managers need to use the power tool in cases where they are absolutely sure of the organization’s needs and what needs to be done for it to succeed. In case of an urgent crisis, the management needs to have proper strategies to deal with it as discussed in Cameron and green pg 234. This management strategy can be the best if well managers use them in the right manner. I do agree that the type of tool to use depends on the situation of the employees in the organization. According to Edgar pg 50 management is exposed to change and managers need to be adjustable to these changes.

To deal with a possible crisis that may occur in the organization the management can use a disaggregation tool to manage the organization. This is a situation where the management divides the organizations into smaller units that are managed by different managers.

The managers will easily build a close relationship with the employees and this will eliminate the need for cooperation between employees with different goals. I agree with the use of disagretion as a way of management, this helps the managers to easily maintain harmony among workers in the organization as stated in Cameron pg 60. When there is minimal conflict among the employees the output of any organization is usually increased.

Generally, an organization needs proper management for it to achieve a quality result. Employee management is also very important since the output of any organization depends on labor. The tools discussed in this essay will help managers to improve their management skills. On the other hand how, these managers apply these tools also matters a lot. To ease the task of managing the organization can use disaggregation. By dividing their work, they can form a close association with the employees.

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