The Recreational Use of Marijuana and Other Drugs

There is an open discussion on whether the recreational use of various drugs, including marijuana, should be prohibited on the governmental level. Many people believe that the recreational use of drugs is positive and should be legal, while others see many dangers in using drugs, even in small doses. However, recreational use of drugs should not be prohibited as many people enjoy them without hurting themselves and other people.

Psychoactive drugs have been used in modern society for recreational purposes for many years. Marijuana and other drugs have always been helpful for many people as they please them and help enhance their cognition, creativity, and motivation while also helping cure various mental conditions (D’Angelo et al., 2017). Drugs have their benefits, not only recreational but also medical, meaning that it would be an unreasonable decision to prohibit them.

However, many people believe that drugs, such as marijuana should be illegal on the governmental level because of the dangers they possess, including various physical and mental illnesses and other risks. Moreover, some of those people suggest that drugs must be prohibited for both recreational and medical purposes (Daniller, 2019). In other words, many people want drugs prohibited only for recreational use, while other people believe drugs should be illegal at large.

Nonetheless, the illegalization of marijuana and other drugs is unreasonable. According to the recent survey results, more than half of people against drugs explain their opinions by the fact that drugs are associated with legal problems (Keyhani et al., 2018). In other words, these people want drugs to be prohibited because they are afraid of possible legal issues when the illegal status is applied, which appears imprudent.

Overall, recreational use of marijuana and other drugs has many positive effects, and most individuals who use drugs do not harm themselves or other people. Therefore, drugs should not be prohibited for recreational use on the governmental level. Though drugs are associated with various health issues, people can avoid them if they use drugs wisely and understand what they do. Prohibiting the recreational use of drugs would only help if people were not in control of themselves.


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