The Last Chance for the Man’s Best Friends

The organization was created to meet the problems of unwanted old dogs that need caring and that can further provide care to people staying in nursing homes and at hospitals. Thus, the project will serve both dogs and people lacking emotional support through training the former to communicate with the latter. The ultimate result of the organization’s work is to eliminate the lack of emotional support for old and unwanted dogs and for patients staying in nursing homes and at hospitals who have no one to visit them. The activities employed to achieve the mission will include searching the dogs that are considered too old for adoption, offering them an adaptation period, training them to be emotionally supportive, and taking them to hospitals and nursing homes.

Mission Statement

The mission of “The Last Chance for the Man’s Best Friends” is to make the world better through bringing together unwanted dogs and people lacking emotional support to make both of these groups happier and encourage them to enjoy the life.


Our vision is a world of happy people and dogs that have found support in each other after having been neglected by their families or not receiving the sufficient emotional support.


  1. commitment: we believe that only by full dedication to our mission we will gain the anticipated result;
  2. ethics: we act in correspondence with moral principles and will not underestimate or offend any participant of the project;
  3. collaboration: we intend to find useful links with various organizations that share our vision to promote the project’s successful development.
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