The Issue of Legalizing Marijuana

There are constant arguments whether marijuana is a harmful drug or not. This question becomes more urgent because of the fact that the issue of legalizing marijuana is one of the main things disputed on. It is obvious that there are pros and cons of marijuana legalization. Still, the government should count the cost before coming to a certain conclusion.

Some experts admit that marijuana is not more harmful than smoking simple cigarettes. They are sure that any type of abuse may lead to a disaster. Still, nobody is sure whether youth would keep in mind the fact that abuse is harmful. The point is that they may simple abuse marijuana as well young people abuse alcohol and tobacco. In other words, there is no guarantee that marijuana legalization would not lead to negative results. By the way, some experts are sure that usage of marijuana is not as harmless as other people tend to believe: “The study showed that one puff of marijuana inflicted three times the amount of tar on the mouth and lungs as a puff form a filter-tip cigarette. Carbon monoxide levels were four to five times as high” (Gottfried, 2000, p. 78).

However, there are other things that may influence the issue of legalization or discrimination of marijuana. It is the fact that illegal marijuana business will suffer if the government takes the act of marijuana legalization. It is not a secret that drug dealers sell marijuana and other types of drugs at very high prices. It is connected with a high risk of drug production and transporting. In case if marijuana is legalized, drug dealers will lose their market. Nobody will want to buy something on illegal terms, if he/she may buy it legally at lower prices.

Another very important positive result of marijuana legalization is that the money that is meant for War on Drugs would be spent on other social programs. Just think that huge amounts of money for FBI, police, and judges would be spent on health activities, etc. It means that the country will find another way to fill up the exchequer. Moreover, legalization of marijuana is another source of taxes.

However, there is a social question that is still very important. Many people believe that using of marijuana is an immoral act. There are lots of arguments they suggest for this point. Of course, marijuana is not the most difficult drug to find and buy. Still, it is a problem for young people to find dealers and money on marijuana (it is not the same as to buy sweets). Legalization of marijuana would make this process easier for youth. Another question that causes contradiction is that marijuana usage may a just a step to a stronger type of drug. Nobody guarantees that people will wish to abuse marijuana. There are lots of cases of driving under the influence of alcohol. There are will be more cases of harmful driving because of marijuana influence.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that marijuana can be partially legalized for medical purposes. Experts admit that despite the fact that abuse of marijuana can be harmful, benefits of marijuana usage are obvious in terms of medical properties (Ruschmann, 2004, p. 106). For instance, marijuana therapy may help people who suffer from chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, etc.


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