The Disadvantages of Cosmetic Surgery


Currently, cosmetic surgery is one of the most popular ways to look more attractive and younger. Women all over the world use cosmetic surgery for numerous reasons. Some of them dream to attract men’s attention, some just want to perfect their appearance, some women wish to stay young as long as possible. Cosmetic surgery gained such wide popularity about five years ago. Some women have already used this service, some still dream to do it regardless of the age, origin and social status. There are numerous reasons to go under the plastic surgeon’s knife. Women’s desire to stay young and beautiful forever makes them forget about certain risks of the cosmetic operations. Modern society influences the women’s decision to change themselves significantly. It dictates the standards of female beauty through mass media day by day (Harris-Moore 139). Thus, society is responsible for the outcome of the operation to some extent. The degree of public influence should be analyzed in order to assess the advantages and disadvantages of cosmetic surgery. Besides the obvious advantages of this service, there are a number of considerable disadvantages.

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In addition to the risks connected with physical health, cosmetic surgery may cause substantial harm to the psychological state of the woman. In addition, plastic surgery is a fairly expensive service, and not everyone can afford it. Often the price depends on the professional skills of the surgeon and the quality of the material he uses. There are a great number of tragic examples of failed plastic surgery and its terrible consequences. There are cases of suicides provoked by bad plastic surgery. Furthermore, there are various problems associated with a patient’s age. Young people can easier survive the consequences of the plastic surgery. Nevertheless, the disadvantages of the cosmetic surgery are evident. The person experiences not only physical but also moral discomfort. The society which made the woman do the surgery judges her for surgical misadventure. People make sacrifices for plastic operations, they lend money, take loans, and there are even cases of theft. Unquestionably, people have the right to do what they want but if their actions do not harm other people. Modern society imposes the cult of physical beauty. Trying to achieve the ideal appearance, people forgot about their spiritual development. Their every action is just a tribute to fashion. Unfortunately, it is fashionable to be slim and attractive, but not to be kind and sincere. Our appearance is given to us by nature and parental genes, it is unique and natural. People should appreciate it.

Every day rich and famous look at us from the screens. They constantly tell about their successful plastic surgeries. Women dream to look like their idols, to be slim and beautiful forever. In recent years, cases with fatal outcome of the operation became more frequent. In spite of this, cosmetic surgery becomes more and more popular. Today it is the usual procedure; people do not treat it as something dangerous and risky. Not everything depends on the money you pay for it or surgeon you choose. People should realize that it is a serious surgery, and something may go wrong. Nothing insures people against the failed operation (Kleeman 29). People always have the choice to do it or not. First of all, they should be responsible for their health if they do not want to die young and beautiful. Very often public opinion influences men also. They persuade women to change the appearance. Constant pressure from the beloved person makes women venture upon this step (Kleeman 32). Another significant drawback of the cosmetic surgery and its popularity is that fact that teenagers inspired by the beauty of the celebrities want to look like them. About a half of girls aged between 7 and 16 dream to change something in their appearance with the help of cosmetic surgery. This industry should be regulated strictly by the state (Martinson). Of course, the mass media also should be stopped inspiring people, especially morally immature, to use the services of the plastic surgery. There are a number of different medical supplies available on the Internet. Everyone may buy it and use improperly. Thus, the danger is not even in the access to these medicines, it is in propaganda and advertising of the artificial beauty (Martinson). The increasing demand for this procedure makes this industry and its influence upon people almost uncontrolled. These medical services are not aimed at saving a person’s health; their primary goal is to make money. They do not provide any guarantees to their clients. Every operation is a matter of luck. There are many cases of litigations with the clinics because of the failed plastic surgery. They are more like the business corporations than the medical institutions. The patient is like a business partner, who enters into a contract without any guarantees. It makes the client of the clinic totally defenseless in case of surgeon’s failure.

One more indisputable drawback of this procedure and of this industry at all is that it popularizes the idea that plastic surgery is the cure-all for every problem. Often women think that the operation will save them from divorce, bankruptcy, old age, poverty, dismissal, etc. However, after surgery, they understand that nothing changes, and except these troubles they have serious problems with their health. Subsequently, protracted depression and despair expect them. In addition, relatives and friends also suffer, because they cannot help her.

Another significant disadvantage of plastic surgery is that even successful result is not final. Women want to look perfect without any efforts. For example, after liposuction women start to eat everything they want and gain the weight again. They continue to do this operation over and over again, hoping for long-lasting results. They do not even realize how insidious is the effect of body modifications on human health (Davis 19). Very often failed surgery divides woman’s life into before and after. Great hopes are replaced by a great disappointment. She realizes that she had a multitude of supporters before the operation, but all of them are indifferent to her personal problems afterward. She is left alone with her psychological problems. In most cases, lonely and diffident women are more likely to do the cosmetic surgery than happy, married women. Thus, not only popular media are the factors influencing women’s choice.


The disadvantages of the cosmetic surgery are incontestable. Every year, hundreds of women suffer the consequences of the failed cosmetic surgery. Today it is one of the most urgent problems of healthcare that should be solved. Popular mass media are the efficient mean of the influence on women’s attitude to the plastic surgery. The cult of health should replace the cult of beauty. Natural beauty and sound health are priceless.

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