The Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis


Cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis is one of the common analytical tools used to determine the effects of various actions on the general profitability of an organization. In other terms, the CVP analysis is used to determine the effects that sales and costs have on the overall income of a business venture. This indicates the importance of this analysis, especially to the decision-makers. Through the insights and information from CVP, a manager can make informed decisions in regards to meeting set profit targets by business owners. Although, the CVP analysis is an important tool it has its shortcomings that need to be taken into consideration before its application.

Shortcomings of Multi-Product Even Analysis

The break-even point analysis is very important for any business as it provides valuable information that is required for decision-making. As such, managers utilize the information and projections from the CVP analysis to point businesses towards attaining profitability. However, the functionality of the break-even point analysis is only effective on businesses that deal with single products (Lewis, 2019). This is because of the easiness of computation and the general analysis. When it comes to multi-product business the CVP analysis could become complicated due to the various variations hence can only be performed on a single segment at a time.

The Effect of Demand and Resource Constraints on Multi-Even Product Analysis

Businesses that deal with multiple products have to make difficult decisions in regards to the allocation of resources and volumes to be produced to meet prevailing market demands. Resources are always limited for businesses hence the only option that remains is to look for ways and strategies to utilize the resources efficiently while maximizing output. However, the effectiveness of multi-event product analysis for a company with strained resources could be undermined due to lack of applicability.


Cost-Volume-Profit analysis is a critical tool, especially for management. It assists decisions makers in the decision-making process specifically on profitability. The break-even point analysis is used to determine how various manipulations on costs, production volumes, and sales affect the profitability of a business. Notably, the CVP analysis is easier for application on single product businesses and difficult for multi-product businesses.


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