The Arc Midsouth Company Overview

The Arc Midsouth is an agency whose primary goal is to help people with disabilities and maintain their daily lives. The agency is located in Memphis, Tennessee, and is a member of United Way, the largest donated organization in the world. The main mission of The Arc Midsouth is to support people with various developmental and intellectual disabilities. Their basic setup is that each of these people has significant potential, so The Arc Midsouth helps them to reveal it.

Unfortunately, even in the world of today, there are many problems associated with the functioning of people with disabilities. They encounter difficulties in schools, universities, at work, and in everyday life. For example, Mutanga (2020) states that “many students with disabilities continue to face challenges in higher education” (p. 2). In this situation, it is necessary to support people and change society as a whole to give everyone a comfortable living environment. Such organizations as The Arc Midsouth do an essential job and help a huge number of people. Thanks to this, our society is becoming healthy and empathic, as more and more of its members can live a full life.

People coming to The Arc Midsouth have the opportunity to achieve inclusion in society and feel more confident. For this, a large number of volunteers work in the organization, who support its missions and like communicating with people. Such cooperation and responsible approach of each volunteer leads to positive changes in the life of each individual. The Arc Midsouth states that each person is unique, so it is necessary to help him or her reveal all the abilities and share them with the world. According to Halder (2019), “people with disabilities are equal citizens who are entitled to a normal life” (p. 27). This is why it is crucial to support them and make them feel it too.

The Arc Midsouth works with different categories of people, for example, those with Down syndrome or autism, as well as muscular dystrophy or other physical disabilities. According to the policy of The Arc Midsouth, age, gender, ethnicity, religion, or level of disability are not important. All people are equal, and the value of each person’s life is equally high, so the agency is trying to provide everyone with any possible help.

The Arc Midsouth offers many services that help different people. Firstly, these are programs created to support families: caring for the elderly, summer camps, personal support for people with disabilities, and so on. Secondly, it is help with employment: job search, adaptation in a new place, preparation for tests, educational programs. Thirdly, these are advocacy services, such as, for example, support groups for self-advocates and community-based events. All these activities are aimed at making everyone who contacts The Arc Midsouth feel more confident in the world and use all their abilities in life.

The Arc Midsouth agency is nearly 70 years old, and over the years, it has undergone many changes and stabilized. Now the organization is at the stage of maturity: all processes are clear and established, and everything is functioning properly. Thanks to this, The Arc Midsouth has the opportunity to organize new events, take on new projects, and expand its field of activity, since it has a reliable base. The primary source of the organization’s income is donations, and over the years, its managers have developed a strategy for their correct distribution and productive work of the agency.


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