Telstra Corporation Managing Organizational Change


Change management in business terms is defined as the coherent and strategic approach to the management of the workforce of an organization. The change practices are designed to go in line with the company’s goals, objectives, vision, and mission with specific emphasis on the firm’s growth and development as a result of this, an organization needs to attract, maintain and also manage its employees effectively. Though, change is a risky practice in an organization it is very important so, why has the Telstra Corporation planned to undergo such organizational changes yet is regarded as a risk? The Telstra Corporation organization has to change its organizational operations because of the existing external and internal pressure and demands for the benefit of the organization at large. (Butcher, 2010)

Company Description

Telstra Corporation has been selected to be used in this study because it is reported to have plans to undertake several managerial changes, especially in its executive department. Telstra Corporation is regarded as one of the leading telecommunication and media organizations in Australia found to be providing various communication services such as telephone, mobile, and wireless which are both local and international.

According to the three articles selected to be used in this study, we find that the chief executive David Thodey has made a statement that the organization has planned to carry out various changes in its various departments which include the sales, marketing, technological, and production department. (Six 2010)

From these articles, it is reported that the corporation is planning to employ Gordon Ballantyne who is the executive of the famous Hewlett Packard Company who will take his position as the managing director of the Telstra Corporation’s consumers and channels department thus managing all the retail sales outlets with an ambition of winning more consumers and retaining the existing ones. ( 2010)

The corporation also plans to promote Kate McKenzie to the position of a chief marketing officer, from the position of a Managing director in the strategic marketing department. The articles indicate that Robert Nason has the mandate to take charge of the corporate strategy and also managing the events programs in the firm; Nason is reported to have already started carrying out some of his responsibilities such as the reduction of costs and the improvement of the company’s competitive advantages. (Butcher, 2010)

Implementation of the changes

To implement these changes there are various images of change that need to be considered in an organization, therefore in this case the Telstra Corporation needs to choose the director’s image of change as their tool of implementing these changes. (Six 2010)


Change is normally initiated by an organization to improve its service delivery and quality of products among other factors. (Larry, 2008)

Change has to be realistic, attainable, and measurable these factors are important especially when considering managerial changes in an organization. In this case, we find that Telstra Corporation should encourage even the junior employees to give in their views about changes that need to be made in the organization since such people usually give invaluable information. (Palmer, Dunford and Akin, 2008)


Therefore the Telstra Corporation’s management must choose the image of change in its management that will give the best result in the productivity of the firm. (Palmer, Dunford and Akin, 2008)


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