Technology in Human Resource Management

Human resource management is a department in an organization or business that is concerned with planning, organizing, implementing, and controlling the labor force, to efficiently and effectively produce quality and quantity products at favorable cost to enhance profit. The department is headed by a human resource manager who is in charge of employing, training, and ensuring that the welfare of workers is taken care of. Workers are ranked according to their knowledge expert ground; skilled, unskilled, and semi-skilled technology. The department requires techniques that ensure high productivity and quality products to meet the required standards and demands in a global world. Employers should provide employees with all the required equipment to ensure efficient methods are adhered to and no excuse for failing to meet the set goals.

According to a revolutionary vision articulated a long time ago, all businesses should be transformed to growth opportunities, and to effectively compete in the current global generation (Wyatt, 12). This is a generation where businesses are differentiated according to innovations which change styles of production. Human resource managers should ensure that all employees meet the qualification to work and deliver the product according to the description given. As known to all, a generation comes with technological innovation. We have to agree that customers require more than they do today to meet richer environments that have more data and more choice.

Current business news has also aired views that there has been the invention of communication techniques that will enhance easier coordination in business management and reduce the high rate of torturing at work. The technology has been simplified by the use of phones where communication has been made easy. It has also enabled supervisors to know the reporting time of workers and departure time (p. 12). This has ultimately minimized paperwork in an organization and ensured that organizations concentrate on quality products rather than making records. Registration of mobile lines that was launched in some countries is another business technique that will assist in dealing with fake conmen who pretend to be human managers via the phone demanding deposits before providing employment. Levels of irregularity will reduce thus securing profits that are lost daily. Human resource managers will be able to note down all workers via their phone numbers and trace them in case of any work-related violations.

Modern technology will make human managers able to take control of the business at a large surface area that is not limited by distance. Managers can manage the business in foreign companies while in home countries and be able to assess, evaluate and record the outcomes without expenses of moving from one point to another or employing more workers. Launching such machines will help to correlate many companies and assist in knowing the performance of other companies and their technology of production. Managers will communicate with employee workers via the website by posting the qualification of the workers wanted and where specifically to work and how much he/she can earn in case taken. Due to technology, interviews, recruitment will be made through a website (p. 13). This will minimize physical contact and expenses that should be spent on moving and time consumption. The human resource will either post the questionnaire or allow the applicant to post his/her curriculum vitae through the website.

Recording and payment of workers will be easier since data-keeping technology is highly sensitive to the number of workers. Workers on contract’s number of days worked will be reflected automatically giving how to be given per day and the total number as per number worked. All interest and contribution towards any scheme will be adjusted accordingly. This will avoid conflicts that can arise due to miscalculation and human error.

The consequences of technology are that it will ensure high production hence high returns and reduction in costs. These will be attained by coping up quickly with technology from day today. Another importance is that it easier supervision of different fields of operation despite the distance between the companies. Technology will change the world uniform by making what happens at the end known to the other end instantly. Technology which is taken as the determinant of generation will help the management access skilled work anywhere in the world by visiting a website and posting their request as per their needs (p. 14). Markets for the product and the demanded size and price can easily be gotten via the internet. In addition, human resources can also order goods or services to their specifications after using current technology to determine when to produce a specific product and when not to produce.

In conclusion, technology is increasingly being adopted by many human resource managers to adapt to the changing environment if there is a need to produce a competitive product on the global market and cope up with international skills of production. Cost of production and accurate mixing of ingredients can be upheld to standards if technology is adopted by human resource managers during employment and production time

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