Spaans Cookie Company: Strategic Plan

Spaans Cookie Company situated in the town of Galt in California is proud of its 105 years history. This company is specializing on producing and distributing of cookies, specialty bread, pies, candies and it also sells imported tea. The company has never been sold outside of the Spaans family, they pride themselves as the company has always been family owned and, as a result, it has maintained a legacy of quality products for a long time, thus making itself a trusted brand by all the customers (Keays, 2009).

In the following paper I have my purpose to define the mission and new strategy plan for Spaans Cookie Company. I will offer my plan as to the development of company’s business in the present and future period. To achieve this goal I will analyze how the company’s vision, mission, and values guide the organization’s strategic direction and also define the guiding principles in the industry considering the company’s culture, social responsibility, and ethics. My new strategic plan for the company is: expanding the marketing outlet and originating new affiliations while maintaining the same high quality level of healthy products offered to the all age and background customers combined with the constant line extension and the best prices.

To explain how relevant my new strategic plan is I will analyze the company’s business and its main points. The business vision of the Spaans Cookie Company is focused on ensuring that great cookies and other products are supplied to customers at the best quality and at the fairest price in California and its neighborhood. The company’s great idea is in producing healthy natural products including the low fat, fat free, sugar free and low cholesterol foods, as well as yeast and wheat free products. This is very important nowadays when scientists and dietarians constantly state the importance of healthy diet as adiposity epidemic is officially declared. This approach has seen the provision of dietetic foods, low cholesterol foods and low sugar foods to its esteemed customers (Kotler & Keller, 2009).

Spaans Cookie Company strives to be a company genuinely committed to quality of its products and services. They have an objective to support the highest standards of their products’ quality and their work environment. For over 100 years, the family values of Spaans Company are honesty, uprightness and trust. These virtues are the keystone of their industry that they expand to their workforce, their customers and society (Keays, 2009). Spaans Cookies Company is a socially responsible company due to its loyalty to its customers. From the very beginning company’s primary concern was to offer all its products at a fair price and the best quality at the same time.

The guiding value of culture has been on the forefront in the success of this company since the formation of the company in the year 1896; the company has continued to provide its customers with the healthy foods despite the increasing demand by consumers for the sugary high-fat food. The company continues to have this vital culture approach nowadays: its main concern is in providing its customers with high quality healthy products rather than selling harmful ones just to make big commercial profits. Nowadays with the unprecedented growth of health problems caused by malnutrition the company’s culture is its great advantage in the market.

Currently, Spaans Cookie Company has only one location in the town of Galt located in Sacramento County. As a matter of fact, this, in turn, creates a good opportunity of opening and starting other branches. The company’s business should also look at the changes within the society, such as the introduction of Social Medias, and try to use them for their benefits by making them their advertising paths. According to Spaans Cookie-History (2011), Spaans has developed a marketing and pricing strategy that ensures that it retains most of its customers at the end of the day. As the company offers such great variety of products such as catering for every one’s needs its clients are people within all the age brackets. This is the fact that pricing strategy is a main determinate in the positioning of products within a market that has its competitors. In addition, pricing influences the marketing aspects, such as the quality of the product, advertising and the channel decisions of the company all the customers via all the possible means such as the social sites such as Facebook, My Space, and Twitter.

Taking all the above mentioned analyses of company’s functioning a conclusion as to its further development can be made. If to consider all the company’s strong points: the company has achieved a lot during its over hundred years successful history, it possesses a great idea of bringing healthy still delicious food to all kinds of people, it has great ethics in maintaining good quality and competitive business strategy in trying to offer the best prices possible – the conclusion can be made as to the further strategy plan for the company. I believe Spaans Cookie should continue in the same direction and expend itself, so the new strategic plan for the company is to broaden the sales area, whether online or offline and originating new affiliations while maintaining the same high quality level of healthy products offered to the all age and background customers. And it is also very important to combine such sales area expansion with the constant line extension and the best prices offered.


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