Services and Non-profit Marketing


Non-profit marketing refers to all events and policies that market any organization together with absolute voluntary work. The main goal here is to seek attention from the volunteers and the donors. Services and non-profit marketing mainly emphasize the main features of services and how different companies and organizations deliver value services to create an added advantage to their products. Using the Pearson marketing podcast, the researchers say that the service experience comes after a consumer openly interacts with the product they are buying (Cowell, 2008). One cannot accept a product without being wrapped with the services. Therefore, if the services are rendered well, the customers tend to build more loyalty if their experience was positive.

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Most private-based companies prefer to offer high quality services to customers in a more direct and personal way to get a good relationship with the customers in exchange. However, non-profit marketing or companies prefer dealing with sales, marketing, and even advertisement to develop. Many customers judge the particular company’s services based on how the individual assigned to them to offer services treats them (Leo & Zainuddin, 2017). Therefore, it is essential if the company chose and trained the right people to create a good name and look for customer loyalty. On the other hand, the physical evidence where the services are being rendered should be favorable.


In conclusion, in my own opinion, I would say that non-profit marketing is the continual use of the schemes of marketing to further the goals of the non-profit companies, and it helps the company to grow and have financial support from the donors. Good services to customers are essential to building a good relationship with the customers, and the main objective is obtaining loyalty from the customers.


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