Service Concept in the Context of Services Operations


A service operation is a kind of activity when two or even more people aim to provide a customer with a service by a systematic effort. With the help of service operations, customers get an opportunity to interact with service personnel; and personnel, in its turn, may improve their services to satisfy customers’ requirements properly. “For any service to be provided, there has to be a customer.” (Wright & Race, 2004) The service concept is one of the most important elements in service organizations. The service concept helps to identify what any organization is going to provide and what any customer is going to buy or use.


“In defining the service concept, we must think in particular about the impact on personnel, both in terms of skills and personal characteristics.” (Looy, Gemmel, & Dierdonck, 2003) Personnel should demonstrate proper skills to satisfy the customer. Personal characteristics will help to clear up whether an employee can or cannot collaborate with the rest of the employees. Robert Johnston and Graham Clark define the service concept as a “core task in managing service operations.” (2008, p 39)

There is not much information about the service concept and its influence on service operations and their effectiveness. However, it is the service concept that helps to analyze and integrate service operations to improve them. The service concept is not only a business model or an idea, but it is something more emotional and deeper than can unite employees with their customers. When an employee comprehends the true nature of the service concept, he/she will be ready to improve personal qualities and provide the customers with the best services only.

To get a greater understanding during service operations, it is better to concentrate on the organizing idea, the service experience, and its outcome. Using the organizing idea, it is possible to get a clear understanding of the essence of the service customer buys. The service experience underlines the way how the service provider influences the customer. The outcome of the service concept demonstrates whether its usage has its benefits, what emotions may be called after its use, and how this service may be estimated by the public.

Service operations managers aim to comprehend the necessary business model and present the service concept taking into consideration service ideas, brand values, and organizational vision. This is why the service concept is aimed to enlarge strategic advantage, provide organizational alignment, and consider design changes.

When an employee has proper personal characteristics and is aware of how to enlarge advantage of the service, he/she has success within customers and has a high income.


“A service concept is a shared understanding of the nature of the service provided and received, which should encapsulate information about the customer experience and the service outcome.” (Johnston & Clark, 2008) With the help of a clear understanding of the service concept, the employee realizes how to enlarge the demand of his/her services and to make interactions between customers and organizations more profitable. This is why the service concept is crucially important during the managing of service operations. If an employee wants to find a way to improve the service and please the customer, he/she should start by defining the service concept and evaluating the points to improve the product and the outcomes.

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