Recruitment, Selection and Human Resource Management


This is an organization that is committed to providing the best financial services and products to all the customers. Customers who are in need of a variety of financial services and products can find this organization to be of great help to them. The services offered by the company include Mortgages, loans, insurance, savings, investments shares, bank accounts and credit cards. All the services and products target different classes of customers in the market. This can range from civil servants, teachers, businessmen and any other customer seeking financial services. The organization has had a long standing history in products and service provision to it customers. Indeed, it is the success in products and services that have put the organization in its current position in the financial sector.

Mission statement

To be the leading best provider of financial services to meet the needs and requirements of the varying customers in the market.


  1. To provide financial services and products to customers at competitive rates.
  2. To maximize the profits accruing form the products and services.
  3. To increase the market share of products and services.

Business activities

The Bank of Scotland engages in many activities that lead to its productivity and increased customer base in the market. The company engages in marketing and promotion activities that increase awareness of the market on products and services. Customer care activities aim at informing the customers of the bank on the best choice of services and products basing on their needs. The organization also gets involved in corporate responsibility activities like visiting orphanages, rehabilitation programs. This aim at establishing a good relationship with the community that helps the organization to achieve the desired goals.

Recruitment process

It is important to note that the organization is an equal opportunity employer for all qualified personnel in their areas of specialization. The company undertakes the process of recruitment in a professional way according to the labor laws and established human resource standards. Before interviews are conducted, job advertisements are carried out both internally and outside the organization using the appropriate media tools.

In During the advertisements the job descriptions is made in accordance with the required qualifications. Shortlisting of preferred candidates is based on the ability of the candidates to meet the set criteria for selection. Interviews for the short listed candidates are done in a fair manner while considering all the necessary qualifications. Diversity is considered during the selection process and issues of gender equality are also put into focus by the interview panels. All the recruitment procedures are carried out in an open and transparent manner so as to get the best candidates to fill the vacant positions in the organization. (Kelly , 2006)

Selection and employee appraisal

The selection procedures are the best according to the established human resources standards in the industry. Potential candidates go through a thorough process before being considered to be fit for their applied positions. The organization endeavors to hire the most competent workforce so as to achieve its targets in terms of sales. Therefore in the selection process, the skills of the candidates and the relevant experience are matters that are very important and which determine the people are chosen and those who are rejected. The process of employee appraisal in the organization is a very important aspect of employee management process.

All the employees have to participate in the process of appraisal. Through appraisal individual performance and job output is determined. The information obtained in the past has been very useful in carrying out adjustments in the workforce. For instance performance appraisal reviews have been used to initiate transfers form one department to another.

Promotions within the organization are strictly based on merit and the information provided by the process of employee appraisal. Older employees of the organization really appreciate the performance appraisal process. When new members join the organization, they are taken through the induction and they are informed well about the process of employee appraisal in their training exercises. (Campbell et al, 1993)

The procedure of appraisal for the employees has managed to achieve tremendous results for the organization since it was implemented. This is evidenced by the results in terms of individual productivity that have been witnessed in the last two financial years. Several graduate clerks have rose to higher positions due to the hard work that has been demonstrated by their performance appraisal reviews.

Apart from employee appraisal, the organization has made it mandatory for all the employees to be attending the training sessions that are an ongoing process on monthly basis. All the staff have to attend at least two training sessions for them to fulfill this particular requirement. Through continuous training exercises the organization has been able to keep its workforce in top performing gear. The rate at which employees are moving from the organization is very low as compared to other competing firms. (Anthony, 1999)

Staffing activities

Staffing in the organization is carried out with a lot of considerations. Several factors play an important role in determining how staffing is undertaken within the departments and at the branch levels. Most of the employees after joining the organization are deployed to their preferred destinations. The employees during the recruitment process have an opportunity of choosing their proffered branch. However, it is important to mention that this is not the only information that is used in the deployment process. (Armstrong,2006).

The workforce in the departments is based on the current workload. This is evaluated according to the statistics provided on the number of customers and the number of sales recorded in a given period of time. The organization has responsibility of ensuring that all the departments and branches are well staff to prevent incidences where some places are overstaffed while others are understaffed. Issues of gender equality are also put into consideration to ensure that there is gender parity in the number of staff in a given department or branch.


It is important that in future, the organizations management should consider the opinions of the staff in particular departments before undertaking major structural adjustments. This is because in some cases, some employees have complained of not being consulted before major decisions are arrived at concerning staffing and other changes. It is highly recommended that the recruitment department be free from mal practices that can lead to compromised recruitment processes that can produce unqualified and underperforming workforce.

The organizations policies concerning employee performance should be under continuous review so as to address the emerging issues of employees. This is because of the dynamic nature of the business environment. Without such policy reviews, the organization might not be sensitive to the needs of most of the employees and this can undermine their output.


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