Possible Challenges for the Management of Organizations

Challenge of management

The Challenge of management is an issue that results in difficulty in decision making. For instance, changing environmental conditions hampers the daily activities of many organizations; they lead to the hardening of the daily activities of many managers in running their diverse organizations. Cultural practices are also elements of challenge to management.

Difficulty of predicting the future

It is very difficult to predict the future because it is prone to changes. For instance, a few years ago the term globalization was rarely inoculated in daily events, but currently, it is the word that beats the headlines now and again. Though current people are well versed with the term globalization, it is still difficult to predict the global changes that may take place in the future. International management has diversely changed from what it used to be, this is because of the emergence of diverse cultures in the field of management.

Organizations adaptation to environment

Organizations have the responsibility of adapting to the immediate environment and the people surrounding them. An organization that fails to meet this demand is prone to deterioration. Organizations are obliged to pay attention to the existing diversity within the working environment along with observation of global management issues of the organizations (Thomas, 2008). From research carried, the involvement of the managers in all decision-making contributes very little to the advancement of an organization. Their movement from country to country in learning and implementing what other nations are doing may bear no fruit if the support of the immediate community is disregarded. Therefore, the success of cross-cultural management of an organization depends on the relation between the management and its employees.

Great challenge in management in the future

I do not expect any great challenge in management in the future, in reality, I am certain that with the aid of technological advancement interacting with people will be much easier than today. Currently, the presence of technology everywhere has contributed immensely in the field of socialization enhancing the advancement of international management awareness. There are high chances that technology advancement will continue taking place to better the current face-to-face association, hence reducing the chances of any challenge taking place in the future. Most managers have the advantage of having adequate knowledge about the environmental conditions around them. In addition, the managers also know where their organizations are heading. To avoid the occurrence of any challenge in the future, the managers will also lay amicable measures in time (Thomas, 2008).

On the other hand, the managers running small organizations have the chance of seeking support and guidance from successful managers, hence enhancing the overcoming of any kind of challenge in the future. I am also expecting the communities surrounding organizations to get enlightened with time. In working with enlightened societies, organizations’ managers will find it easy to run their organizations. There is also a high chance of the emergence of common cultural practices among people in a given area. With a common culture, people will associate friendly enhancing the continuity of the spirit of togetherness. Efficient training and disclosure of the employees to diverse cultural practices in the world can also aid in overcoming any kind of challenge that may emanate in the future. Therefore, the management of given organizations has the responsibility of ensuring that their employees are exposed to diverse cultural practices in order to ease their managerial roles in the future.


Thomas, D. (2008). Cross-Cultural Management: Essential Concepts. New York: SAGE Publications.

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