Persuasive Advertising Techniques


Advertising is considered to be the most persuasive sphere of people’s activities having an impact on human consciousness. Its informative function discloses the uniqueness of the goods describing their qualities and abilities. Advertising causes people’s associations and forms some expectations from the quality of products. Advertisements can be characterized from different points of view; the basic analysis of modern advertising is based on the Greek triangle that is Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. The advertisement under analysis belongs to one of the most prominent international companies called Intel Centrino Processor Technology. The evaluation of the Intel Company advertisement is mostly concentrated on this method of analysis. It explains the most appealing aspects of the advertisement under consideration.

Intel Centrino Processor Technology is an international company promoting computer technology of many famous brands such as Toshiba, Panasonic, Gateway, Sony, Samsung, and others. The strategy of this brand is aimed at the effectiveness of the online advertisements and that is why this company is well known among internet users as well company customers. (Notebook, Intel) The advertisement concerned reflects the promotion of Intel notebooks and it should be analyzed through the reflection of three elements of the Greek triangle in it.


Ethos as the element means the level of perception of the advertisements by the possible consumers, underlining the character-morals of the viewers of the advertisement. (Clegg, 2005) This particular advertisement of the Intel Centrino Company is minimized in structure and the stress of the advertisement is put to the main product promoted, though the company covers a great variety of computer and mobile technologies of all kinds. Thus, the consumer perceives and evaluates the characteristics of Intel notebooks, rather than other products of the company.


According to the characteristics of the pathos element, it is necessary to consider emotions caused by the advertisement. (Clegg, 2005)The advertisement under analysis influences the consciousness of consumers and it is explained by the effectiveness of the advertising strategies of the company. Emotions are closely connected with the high quality of the products and that is why it grabs the attention of people. The illustration of the black color of the product makes it more attractive and stylish, besides the gray color of the background stresses the significance of the notebook.


In terms of the logos element of the Greek triangle the company pays attention to the meaning of the advertisements and explains why consumers should buy this particular product by the usage of a slogan such as “Do it yourself notebooks have arrived”. It underlines the involving character of the advertisements while it addresses the people attracting the attention of possible consumers. Notebook of Intel Company attracts the attention of the viewers, first of all, by its brand and high quality of the technology as it is widely known on the international level.

The minimal amount of information in the Intel advertisement makes it not so tense and more effective. It is important to underline the company was aimed at the promotion of one particular product among the thousands of others and thus concretization is the main method of persuasion used by the company. The analysis of the advertisement proves that the Intel Company worked out the right strategy of technology promotion which makes it widely known for its quality and beautiful design.


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