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This informative, analytical, descriptive, and expository essay of management about management organizational behavior is presenting a number of facts about what leadership styles, roles, behaviors, or skills will be more effective in the new environment where technology, globalization, diversity, and ethics are key variable as an individual move into the future. Plus, it’s shedding light on trait theory, charismatic leadership, and authentic leadership theories. Furthermore, several thoughts about how effectively these styles, roles, behaviors, or skills could be developed are also being discussed in this essay.


Leadership can be explained as the capability to persuade a group on the way to the attainment of objectives. The types of leadership such as proficiency behaviors as well as responsibilities are mainly effectual in this age of technology along with diversity are problem-solving, decision making, a delegation of tasks and accountability in the right manner as well as planning objectives along with designing strategies by keeping in mind the given or offered financial plan also assets.

Effective leadership styles in the new environment

While leadership styles are apprehensive it is best for leaders to make use of styles that best suit their state of affairs. It is always good to combine two or more styles to get the best results from the work team. For instance, a charismatic leadership style is best merged with the democratic leadership style or a transactional leadership style with a transformational leadership style.

Leadership theories

Ethics in leadership can be defined as such intrinsic theory suggests that leadership is inherently ethical. It’s opposite to its oppression. It looks for a far-out to congregate people’s valid requirements along with elevating the height of ethical way of thinking within the procedure. According to James Mac Gregory Burns, extrinsic theory suggests that real leadership is the root for integration as well as it is not positional or perk related. On the other hand, Janet Hagber Real Power articulates stated that when companies and countries prosper along with the perks then it becomes the responsibility and the need to be followed ethical manner or there are dire reservations to look forward to then eventually it turns out to be an essential point in all leaders to have decorum and be ethical because ethics in a good leader is the foundation of conviction (William, 1973).

Implementation of leadership theories in a new environment.

If one were to design leadership theories nowadays an individual could include the most famous and the most basic theories then it is trait theory, charismatic leadership, and authentic leadership. These theories despite the fact that on their own do not simplify the study of leadership and the skills to identify leadership qualities but together they set a path to acknowledging what leadership actually is and its complete embodiment in today’s advanced society. Trait theory is concerned with the personal attributes in the characteristics of humans that help identify them as leaders. One way or another round charismatic management theory determines that supporters create acknowledgment of valiant or amazing management aptitudes at what time they scrutinize definite behaviors. While authentic leadership theory is apprehensive by means of what is factual and actual and it highlights the fact of being theoretical as well as realism plus being tangible. It also includes the character which facade dissimilarity along with change explicitly and espousal doubts and source of revenue in the direction of a communal prospect (Terry, 1993).


On the whole, leadership; that is good leadership is comprised of various qualities; no one table or theory can summarize leadership on its own. Leadership is a combination of countless personality traits, skills and behaviors. Nowadays leaders are not born they are made. For an individual to be a good leader it is initially important to understand management requirements. Plus, there are ways along with tools that can help one with becoming an excellent leader nevertheless the fact remains the same that efforts, hard work, and best understanding or management count firstly. Somehow, as a matter of it’s all about are the skills that can be acquired and behaviors that can be modified which lead to good leadership qualities and come from within (Stephen, 1991).


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