“Obama Adviser Resigns as Loans Surface”: Article Analysis


The news of Obama’s advisor’s resignation was surprise news, although the fact of the loans was already known. That fact brought media coverage that interested politicians along with ordinary people, and during the presidential campaign such facts can not pass unnoticed. This essay is an analysis of the article “Obama Adviser Resigns as Loans Surface” along with the possible effects and outcomes that might or might not take place.

Main Body

The first idea that comes to mind when reading about a resignation during the presidential election campaign is that there might be possible corruption evidence. First looking at the news to understand the causes of such action, as it is common that the presidential campaign could turn into a search for potential weak spots of the opponents during the whole competition period; therefore it might have been an overblown incident that was not significant at the first place.

In the case of the article written about the resignation of John Johnson, there were not any political guesses, as the possible reason was declared earlier, which was the risen information of the loans that have been given to Obama’s advisor for quite a period of time.

As a matter of fact, the resignation itself gave a wide media recognition for the facts of the loan, I truly believe that there were a lot of people who knew about the resignation and the loans not in the same chronological order they occurred. Is that a speculation, I guess it is not.

Making further observations about the fact of the loans themselves, it was not a critical issue except for the fact that these loans were given for personal rate discounts, which could be argued and the other fact is that the company which gave these loans was previously criticized by the candidate Obama.

To understand the reaction further it should explain the direct responsibilities of the advisor Johnson, which were to examine the candidates for the vice president post. It becomes understandable that such a function is not a position to remember, accordingly I can not recall the person who suggested the candidature of Dick Cheney or Al Gore, the reason why I think that the resignation brought more discussion than its cause.

The loan fact was not a political issue, along with the fact of Obama criticizing the lender, and I think there is nothing compromising and Obama’s response was delicate and absolutely sufficient for any questions that may arise. What these facts may serve or harm Obama in any way. I think that politics during presidential campaigns is a subject when there are going to be people who agree with you and people who do not, and I am personally sure that there will not be indifference indeed. The supporters of Obama will appreciate his delicacy and the fact that he did not enter a battle, which is true as far as I see.

The opposite side will blame him for hypocrisy which is I think will be the worst case and by resignation, the advisor served the candidate which Obama explained in his comments. Although sometimes during presidential campaigns unpleasant facts can surface, my personal belief is that this news story will be forgotten and both candidates will have more logical arguments in their debates than mentioning reasons for the resignation of one’s advisor.

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