Nokia: How Marketing Managers Use Market Research

Due to the advent of globalization and the expansion of world markets, the global market place has rather contracted and there are associations between all parts of the world. This progress into technology and modernization has given a great boost to companies selling products such as mobile phones and other communicative technologies. One of the leading companies among these is Nokia which is considered as the world leader in mobile communications. As the use of mobile phones booms, Nokia makes this sector its core business and opts to provide the optimal solution to the communication need of people all around the world. This paper would focus on the marketing perspectives of Nokia mobile phones and it would give an outline on how the company approaches its customers. Moreover, it would elaborate on its branding, segmentation and market research aspects.


Cell phones, like many other technologies that were once thought of as far sighted notions, are now largely used as a household commodity by most people. The use of mobile phones has further expanded the industries and companies dealing with mobile phones, Nokia being one of the most renowned cell phone companies holds a widespread market share and it caters to almost all kinds of consumers. It has had a long series of advents and products that are focused on one or the other niches in the market. Segmentation is the process by which the market is broken down into sects which are characterized by certain characteristics. Companies use segmentation to explore their target market and decide on the most optimal ways to approach their target consumers. The products of Nokia are created to cater to a wide range of consumer interest. Nokia has launched products for people with all kinds of communication needs, from business executives to the young generation. It has encapsulated a series of features and attributes in order to cater to different consumer tastes and lifestyles. Market segmentation has helped Nokia in recognizing the different markets that are present and hence, helps it make efficient use of its marketing resources to provide products that are unique to the target market. This approach of segmentation has provided the company with a competitive edge over its rivals and has aided to capture the particular parts of the market. Moreover, segmentation has facilitated in enabling the company to modify its products with respect to the needs of the consumers. (Baker, 2001)

The first step in recognizing the target market is to identify the potential customers. These potential customers are those people that would and may be interested in buying the product. Conducting a market research is essential in identifying the trends in the market and the preferences of the consumers. A marketing manager needs to consider the general trends in the market before segmenting the potential consumers. The market is then broken into groups according to factors such as age, gender, lifestyle, social background, financial status and so one. Different products are then targeted towards these specific set of groups that can be better promoted and marketed according to the needs and expectations of the target market. The six primary segments that are served by Nokia include, basic, active, fashion, expression, active, classic, and premium. Apart from these, Nokia also provides to business people who need other services such as pager, internet, streaming multimedia and other demands for sophisticated convergent devices. It also has a range of products that a connected video game platform for game lovers.

The six primary segments.
Figure 1. The six primary segments.

The marketing grid combines the market segments and elaborates how the company focuses on the market and its segments. It also elaborates over how the company positions its products in the market. The needs of consumers are constantly evolving and so it the product range of Nokia, which keeps on updating and expanding in order to be innovative, agile and responsive to the new trends in the market. (Jialiang, 2006)

It is vital for companies to take into account not just the factors within the business but also the environmental aspects that it may impact during its process of production, marketing and selling. There are a number of environmental factors that must be considered by the company, such as its energy, water consumption and waste. It’s the responsibility of the company to pertain responsibilities over these matters. Recyclability and material content production are also important environmental factors. Moreover, a substance list is used to identify the substances of production that have been banned, restricted or targeted for reduction.

Market research is process carried out by companies in order to assess what people want, need or believe. It helps the company in analyzing the market and the way that the people act towards the product. It is used to examine the trend of the market in order to assess the feasibility of the product and may also carried out after launching the product to investigate its success in the consumer market. Nokia carries out extensive market research before launching any of its products. Market research is necessary for the company to be ahead of the game in providing better applications, features and outlook of its products. The research methodology can be alter according to the nature of the information required. Market research helps in gaining information about the market; it aids the marketing managers in segmenting the population according to their needs, lifestyle, demographic differences, geographic differences and so on. Moreover, market research would help in assessing the market trends and facilitate in making decisions regarding the promotion, distribution and also the financial decisions.


In the end it is important to understand that markets and consumer needs are constantly evolving and so it is vital for companies to be agile to market changes and promote innovation of new ideas to cater to the market. Marketing for Nokia is hence carried out with the segmentation of its consumers which allows them to follow more narrow and targeted approach to reach to consumers with varied interests. Moreover, a market research can gain them insight into the expectations and demands of the consumers; nevertheless, it cannot guarantee the success of its products.


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