Niche Networking in Business


Networking – the exchange of information and contacts between people of a certain profession. Allows people to enrich their pool of knowledge. Gives an opportunity to make professional connection. Opens up career possibilities.

Networking in the Digital Age

Digital Communication has become more prevalent. Social media and messaging are used to keep in contact. New ways of interacting allow people to communicate internationally.

Niche Networking

Networking within specific work-related spheres and communities. Allows to find people with specific competencies easier. Creates a platform for diverse professional discussion and cooperation.

Main Platforms for Niche Networking

  • LinkedIn
  • Behance
  • Goodwall
  • Stack Overflow, ActiveRain, etc.

Niche Networking Sites: LinkedIn

The biggest Niche Networking platform. Connects people in the job market. Used by the majority of firms and hiring agencies in the world.

Niche Networking Sites: LinkedIn (cont.)

  • An easy was to review and access a person’s competencies
  • Allows a person to create a professional image
  • Aids people both starting out and already in the industry

Niche Networking Sites


  • Social media platform for illustrators and designers
  • Aids in building a professional portfolio
  • Supported and spearheaded by Adobe – a veteran of graphic arts

Niche Networking Sites: Goodwall

  • A networking platform for students and beginning professionals
  • Links future experts with the types of work most suitable to them
  • Works as a starting point into the field of networking

Niche Networking Benefits

  • Allows a person to put themselves and their achievements forward
  • More focused and professional than traditional social media
  • Quick, easy to use and access

Niche Networking Benefits (cont.)

  • Facilitates international relationships
  • Builds professional image
  • Optimizes the process of work communications

Limits of Niche Networking

  • Does not fully translate a person’s character and work attitude
  • Platforms other than LinkedIn are limited in reach
  • More prone to falsification of professional credentials

Influence on International Relations

  • Introduces people to international ways of business organization, strategy and professional prowess
  • Connects people all across the globe
  • Gives each person an equal platform to demonstrate their skills

Influence on International Relations (cont.)

  • Enhance knowledge and competence in the professional sphere
  • Gives insight into a particular country’s markets, regulations or industry

Niche Networking among Different Generations

  • Generation Y – Millennials – actively use networking in both personal and work life
  • Generation Z – Zoomers – prefer online networking in virtual spaces
  • Generation Alpha – use networking for personal and work gain

Millennials and Niche Networking

  • Informal communication and constant feedback
  • Deep long-term mentor-student relationship
  • Extensive use of social media platforms for active networking

Millennials and Niche Networking (cont.)


Networking is an activity to create a system of social contacts and connections useful for business or professional development. Niche networking allows professionals to seek out valuable contacts and information in their field. LinkedIn, Behance, and Goodwall are pioneers in the niche networking who provide job-seekers with an insight into the market and its offers


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