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Have you ever been stuck with the text you need to rewrite? We understand how much time manual rewriting takes and how challenging it is to find the perfect synonym in the thesaurus.

Keeping in mind students' struggles, we designed our free phrase rewriter. With the free help of this tool, you can paraphrase any text in a few clicks! Get ready to learn more!

πŸ’ Why Use Phrase Rewriter Tool?

Phrase rewriter has many benefits that make it stand out among other online tools. Besides the high quality of rewriting, it has numerous advantages:

  1. It's 100% free. You get unlimited attempts to rewrite your texts with no hidden payments.
  2. It's completely online. You can get your text rewritten using any device, even a mobile phone.
  3. It has adjustable settings. You can choose the percentage of text you want to change and add stop-words that cannot be replaced.
  4. It saves you time. There's no need to spend several hours on manual rewriting because the phrase rewriter will do the work for you. You get the results almost immediately!
  5. It saves you from plagiarism. You can use any material you like by simply rewording it with the help of the phrase rewriter.

πŸ”¦ What Is Rewriting?

Rewriting is putting someone's or your ideas into other words. Knowing how to rephrase a piece is essential for students and everyone working with texts.

Rewriting helps to:

Come up with arguments for the essay. To write a convincing essay, you must support your claim with relevant examples and data. Use rewriting to refer to findings that can contribute to your paper.
Avoid using too many quotations. Academic papers with too many direct quotes are often hard to read. Rewriting can help you represent valuable information in your own words without relying on quotations.
Create unique and authentic content. The best way to keep away from plagiarism is to rewrite the material you use in your writing. This way, your content will be original and memorable to the readers.

🀫 How to Rewrite a Phrase – 3 Smart Tips

Manual rewriting might become a burden if you don't do it efficiently. We've developed 3 easy tips to help you bring your rewriting to a new level.

Tip #1: Annotate Your Text

While reading through the material, you need to rewrite and highlight the sentences you find essential. Underline the terms and content-specific vocabulary that you cannot omit when paraphrasing. This way, it will be easier to navigate the text, and you'll handle the rewriting faster.

Tip #2: Get Rid of Unimportant Details & Repetitions

Don't be afraid to eliminate the repetitive parts of the text. You can cut back on less relevant examples as long as you express the main idea. It will help you save time for other assignments and finish rewriting faster.

Tip #3: Identify the Thesis & Topic Sentences.

Focus on the thesis and topic sentences of the original text because they contain the key points of the whole writing. Start the rewriting process with them to create a structure for your text. If the original material doesn't have a thesis, you can develop one yourself. It is a good idea to use an online tool for that purpose.

🚨 How Does Paraphrase Rewriter Work?

Our phrase rewriter is an easy tool available online for free. We designed a simple interface to ensure you can do rewriting faster and more efficiently. All you need to do is paste the text you want to change, click the β€˜Rewrite’ button, and the tool will do the work for you.

However, behind a straightforward interface, we have innovative technologies. Our experts created an online phrase rewriter that identifies the text's central idea and keywords. This ensures the rewritten version fully covers the original ideas without plagiarism.

Examples of Rewritten Pieces

Original Rewritten
The major impact the financial turmoil has brought is visible in Government Bond rates, Gross domestic product of the times, Interest rates, Money supply, and Major Stock Prices. The gross domestic product is one of the most crucial indicators to measure the country’s economy and progress rate.
The Great Depression Compared to the 2000s Financial Crisis
The key results that the economic chaos has caused are seeable in Government Bond rates, Gross Domestic Product, Interest rates, Money supply, and Stock Prices. The gross domestic product (GDP) is among the most important measures to assess the country’s economy and development rate.
The art of decision-making in the world of international expansion is very important. The international expansion involves a number of issues that have defined the working practices of multinationals.
Recommendations to Decision Making in Business Free Essay Example
In the world of global expansion, the skill of decision-making is fundamental. Global growth includes issues determining the business practices of multinational corporations.

πŸ›‘ Phrase Rewriter – Biggest Mistakes

Our phrase rewriter is a simple tool that allows you to change your text in a few clicks. However, there are some things to keep in mind. Consider these five common mistakes and try to avoid them when you do your rewriting.

  • Don't replace the keywords or content-specific vocabularies, such as names of places, events, or people.
  • Never change the main idea of the original text.
  • Avoid replacing only a few words from the original material since it will be plagiarism.
  • Don’t neglect rereading the changed version of the text and compare it with the original.

Thank you for reading this article! If you need to rephrase a longer piece, try our essay reworder.

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