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Rewording is an essential skill for students and everyone who works with texts regularly. Although manual rephrasing can benefit your writing skills, often, you don't have time to look for the synonyms in a thesaurus. We designed our essay reworder to help students, writers, and content-creators to rephrase any text they need instantly and for free.

📃 Essay Reworder – When to Use

You can use our essay reworder for various purposes, for example:

  1. To restate a thesis statement in your essay. Our rewording software will rephrase your thesis statement, keeping the main idea untouched. So you can use it in the concluding paragraph of your writing.
  2. To refer to other scholarly sources. With the help of our essay reworder, you can use any materials you like without worrying about plagiarism.
  3. To increase the word count of your piece. If you need more words in your writing but don't want to add unnecessary information, our essay reworder will come up with longer synonymic phrases.
  4. To make any text unique. You can use our rewording tool whenever you want to make valuable or inspiring information a part of your content.

✍️ Essay Reworder – How to Use

We designed our essay reworder for you to have unlimited attempts to rephrase your texts for free with no registration. To get your essay rephrased, you simply need to copy your text and paste it into the tool.

What makes our rewording tool stand out is its additional features. We incorporated the following instruments into our rephrasing software to ensure you have the best experience using it:

  • An opportunity to choose the percentage of words to be rephrased.
  • Automatic capitalization.
  • Built-in words and characters counter.

In addition, when you get your text rephrased, our essay reworder highlights all the changes made. You can click on the paraphrased words and see other synonyms that fit the context. This allows you to add a personal touch to the final version of the text.

🔮 Why Use Essay Reworder?

Our top priority has always been the quality of the rewording we provide. However, there are some other helpful benefits of the instrument to consider:

  • It is entirely free with no registration needed. There are no hidden payments, and all the features of our essay reworder are 100% free.
  • It gives you unlimited attempts to paraphrase. You get never-ending opportunities to experiment with the words you want to paraphrase.
  • It saves you time to do other tasks. You get your text reworded in a few seconds so that you can spend extra time on other assignments.
  • It allows you to personalize your text. You can choose the number of words rephrased and see all the possible synonyms that match the context.
  • It makes your text 100% unique. Our essay reworder allows you to use any wording you like and incorporate it into your writing.

🔦 4 Tips for Essay Reworder Generator

Our essay reworder has a user-friendly interface. However, some tips can help you to get the best results possible.

  1. Carefully consider the number of words you want to rephrase. Some texts full of scientific terms require less intense rewording than others.
  2. Make sure you read through the edited text. Our tool highlights all the changes to make navigating long essays or articles easier.
  3. Experiment with your rewording. Using our essay reworder, you get unlimited attempts to paraphrase your text. You can repeat the restatement several times to ensure you get 100% authentic results.
  4. Don't choose literary resources that are too long. In this case, it might be challenging to read through it attentively and make it a part of your writing.

✒️ Bad & Better Rewording Examples

✏️ Original text ❌ Bad rewording ✔️ Good rewording
"Leaves of Grass" by Walt Whitman
The poem itself is very significant for contemporary people to understand the way the nineteenth-century poet used to think, of course, due to the Transcendentalist influences. Leaves of Grass contains the three themes that are likely to touch the feelings of the majority of Whitman's readers since the first edition was so much popularized.
The story itself is very important for contemporary humans to know how the nineteenth-century writer thought because of the Transcendentalist effects. Leaves of Grass has three themes that are likely to touch the emotions of most of Whitman's receivers since the new edition was so common. The poem itself is very remarkable for people nowadays to recognize how the nineteenth-century poet used to see the world, heavily influenced by the Transcendentalists. Leaves of Grass revolves around the three topics that presumably affected the sentiments of Whitman's readers from when the first edition became so popular.
Money Can Buy Happiness: Is It True?
Money is often associated with a happier life, but is it really so? Many people will agree that happiness is associated not with money but with other significant things in life, like the freedom to make deliberate decisions, social recognition, and having strong and empowering bonds with a family and community.
Money is often connected with a better life, isn't it? Many human beings will accept that a better life is connected not with money, but with other important things in life, for example, an opportunity to make planned decisions, popularity, and having strong bonds with family and friends. Wealth is usually related to a happier lifestyle, but is it true? Many will admit that well-being lies in an opportunity to make intentional decisions freely, to have stable and inspiring relationships with family and community members, and in public recognition rather than in money.

Thank you for reading this article! If you need to rephrase a short piece, try our phrase rewriter

❓ Essay Reworder FAQ

❓ How can I reword an essay?

Rewording is a powerful tool that can help you make any text authentic. You can do paraphrasing manually with the help of a thesaurus or use online software like our essay reworder. You simply need to copy the text and paste it into the tool.

❓ How to reword an essay fast?

An online rewording tool is the fastest way to rephrase an essay. For example, our essay reworder is 100% free and needs no registration. You simply paste the text into the tool and then choose the percentage of words to rephrase. Your text will be ready in a few seconds!

❓ How to rewrite an article without plagiarizing?

To avoid plagiarism, you need to reword the literary sources you use. To paraphrase any article, you need to look for the synonyms in the thesaurus or do it online with our essay reworder. Having your article reworded, you can make it a part of your writing.

❓ How to reword your thesis?

It is essential to reword your thesis so that you can repeat it in the concluding part of your writing. You can either do it manually or with the help of our essay reworder. However, ensure that your thesis's key idea remains the same.

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